Technical Project Manager

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Role:  Project Manager – SW Development

Full Time Salaried-position

Location:  Boulder

  • Person will work with executive leadership and development team (internal and vendor/partner) on managing our dev cycle.   Project management duties incl:
    • Uploading items into Jira.
    • Testing new builds.
    • Helping translate request from internal and external clients into stories for the developers to work on.  And then testing those items once they are delivered in a new build.
  • Working with our account managers to help them troubleshoot tech support that they get from clients.  Account managers are the first line of defense with tech support, but if they can’t figure it out, they pass it on to this person.  This person would be comfortable with SQL server and SQL stored procedures, views, data tables, etc…   They will help diagnose and solve the problem or pass on to the developers with added information from their research.
  • Report development using Crystal Reports and
    • We’re moving away from Crystal Reports, but may train this person on some basic report tweaks and maintenance.
    • Logi Analytics is our new reporting platform that’s integrated with our software.  We would train this person on how to work on and create new reports.  Required skill for this is to be comfortable with SQL server… knowing how to write some scripts, pull data from tables, etc.


    • Key Skills:
  1. Being able to understand a complex data model with many tables and stored procedures
  2. Being able to understand and write SQL queries with joins, temp tables and functions
  3. Being able to troubleshoot performance issues related to large queries and indexes
  4. Being able to create new tables and add columns to existing tables
  5. Being able to write stored procedures, functions and views
  6. Being able to back up and restore databases
  7. Being a good communicator (both listening and asking questions)
  • Bonus:   Someone that has interest and maybe some basic experience in .Net development.  We’re not currently looking for a full time .Net developer, but this person could grow into a part time developer or if they already have some dev skills, would have opportunity to use them.



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