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Our Client is an award-winning interactive marketing agency in Denver’s Art District neighborhood. We shine a spotlight on our clients to tell their unique story and grow their businesses. We are unapologetically driven by process and live and breathe quantitative creativity because we believe that websites can be beautiful and useful.


— You’ve worked a minimum of 2 years in the industry and loved every minute.
— Custom-coding WordPress themes from the ground up is your scene, and you’re eager to expand your skill-set.
— You can get the front and back ends of an eCommerce website to play nice.
— Your tricked-out responsive websites boast CSS and HTML that would make the W3C proud.
— PHP makes sense.
— You have a set of trusted WordPress plugins in your toolbox, and maybe even experience with extending/modifying the plugins.
— You don’t need to count characters to know JavaScript and jQuery aren’t four letter words.
— You’re no stranger to Photoshop, but you wouldn’t put ‘Designer’ on your resume.
— You agree with this statement: a solid process should lead to consistently high-quality results without hampering creative freedom.
— You have a passion for learning, and also for sharing your knowledge with others.
— Dogs in the office? Fine with you.

Bonus Points For…

— SASS, Gulp, Git, LAMP, Bash: these words have meaning to you.
— You’re familiar with Agile methodology.
— You’ve built a WordPress plugin (send us a link to it on the WordPress plugin library!)

What You’ll be Doing

— Developing new websites and maintaining existing sites we’ve built.
— Working with a variety of eCommerce platforms, likely to include WooCommerce and Shopify.
— Browser testing. We don’t test IE10 or lower. You’re welcome.
— Communicating technical information to clients and asking questions of them in a language they can understand.
— Working closely with designers, copywriters, project managers, and others to produce highly collaborative results.


Culture is more than free-lunch Fridays and Legos all around the office. We’ve got some sports freaks and some gamer geeks. Some are into graphic novels, others play in local bands. And office dogs are our constant companions.

But here’s where it gets good:

  • Core Hours: To reduce the “real quick question” interruption habit and promote flow state, we reserve certain hours when developers go deep, designers design, and copywriters search for that perfect phrase.
  • Level 10 Meetings: Same time. Same agenda. Every week. No kidding. Plus a daily standup at 8.
  • Accountability Chart: For knowing who’s in charge of what and directing communication accordingly. This prevents unnecessary CCing, keeping the signal high.
  • Own vs. Rent: If your life is for rent, you don’t learn to buy, or buy-in. Zenman people don’t just rent office space. They commit.
  • Retrospectives: Every two weeks. Are you a happy face, a squiggly mouth or a sad face? Why? Zenman’s health depends on hearing what you have to say.

—Health insurance: medical, dental, vision
— Unlimited Vacation Policy
— Free lunch every Friday. (ParkBurger, Osteria Marco, Lou’s)
— You get your birthday off.
— Trainings (attend or present)

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