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How To Snag The Job Referral of Your Dreams

Posted on October 17, 2017 by BWBacon.

The job hunt is rarely (if ever) a cakewalk, even in our world of technology staffing where many software engineers are highly sought after, finding the RIGHT job is still a big challenge. Once in a while, however, you do get lucky and find the perfect opportunity at just the right organization. Once you have […] …read more

What Sets Technical Recruiters Apart?

Posted on September 20, 2017 by BWBacon.

If a modern company wants to thrive, it needs to invest in both recruiting and retaining high-performers. A strong technology workforce is crucial for success and continuity, and so identifying the right tech people to bring aboard is key. While this is always a challenge, there are some unique difficulties when hiring in the tech […] …read more

6 Apps Recruiters Use to Find You

Posted on August 2, 2017 by BWBacon.

Recruiters work hard to place the best candidates with the right opportunities. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic job market, recruitment professionals should be especially mobile and agile if they want to get ahead.  For us, our database and referral network is our strongest source of qualified candidates.  But we have to keep identifying strong talent and […] …read more

The Top Traits Recruiters Want to See

Posted on July 24, 2017 by BWBacon.

The job hunt can be a difficult, frustrating process. Many candidates simply do not know how to best stand out to potential employers. These days, it takes more than a stellar resume to get a foot in the door. So, what are the top traits recruiters are looking for when evaluating prospective hires? How Do […] …read more

7 Awesome Resources to Sharpen Your Tech Skills

Posted on June 22, 2017 by BWBacon.

There are a million great reasons to fall in love with the tech industry. One of the most unique and exciting parts of working in this space is that there is always something new to learn. The best tech job candidates are those with a sincere passion for knowledge, who identify as lifelong students. Whether […] …read more

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