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Ever spent hours searching for jobs online only to come up empty handed? Been there! Job boards are saturated with open tech roles, but how can you decipher what's really a good fit?
The solution is simple-- Let us do the work for you. We consistently have 60-100 tech jobs open behind the scenes (in Colorado and nationally.) Most are fully remote opportunities across a range of skillsets, levels, and companies. Submit your info & our team will reach out. You'll also...
  • Talk to a human about industry trends & salary information
  • Explore growing tech companies & what they have to offer
  • Build trust with a recruiter who has your best interest in mind

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Tech Skills We're Looking For...

Our Primary Focus Is:



Developers, Engineers, Architects, QA, BI/BA


Android, iOS, Windows, Gaming


DevOps, Infrastructure, DBA's, Network Engineers + Admins


Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Interactive Design, Art Director


Strategy, Implementation, Agile, SDLC, Marketing, Interactive, Digital Producer, Product Managers

Explore Your Options. Know Your Worth. Build Your Future.

At BWBacon, we value our candidates. Lean on our 70+ years of combined recruiting expertise to navigate what's out there. How is BWB different from other staffing firms? We strive for a three-dimensional staffing exchange where all parties are effectively on the same, level playing field. With that grounding, we can advocate connections with conviction, helping you find a position that not only grows your career, but is an excellent fit in all respects.

To do this we believe in providing the following:

  • Total Transparency in All Communications & Processes
  • Complete Respect of Personal Privacy & Discretion
  • Timely, Honest & Candid Conversations
  • Market Insight & Support
  • Compassion in a Process That Can Be Tricky
  • A 100% No BS Policy

Searching for a new job has never been so enjoyable! Working with BWBacon was a pleasure. They’re very dependable, super responsive and I always felt like they had my best interests at heart.


JP- Candidate Testimonial4-2.22
Kristen D,

I really do appreciate the effort that goes into trying to match potential candidates with potential positions, and accordingly also the time you have extended on my behalf: thank you sincerely for your involvement in my job search...

JP- Candidate Testimonial1-2.22
Nick M,

Thanks to BWBacon for your assistance in helping me find my next career path. I highly recommend BWBacon for your next Job Search in the Software Development Industry.

JP- Candidate Testimonial3-2.22
Dave S,

I have worked with Leah  for years and I trust her judgement as she has never let me down...never. In fact, she is the best talent acquisition specialist I have ever worked with.

JP- Candidate Testimonial2-2.22
Alex R,