Best Benefits, Perks And Incentives: 5 Ways Colorado Stands Out From The Pack

Posted on November 14, 2019 by BWBacon.

When searching for a job, your first thoughts are probably, “How much does it pay?” followed by “I hope the boss is cool.” The idea of vacation days and what your employer can do for you may not be top of mind initially, but it’s essential. That’s why it’s critical to consider jobs with best […] …read more

Supporting Women In Tech: Increasing Equality In The Workforce

Posted on November 12, 2019 by BWBacon.

The notion that the tech industry is a “boys club” has increasingly become a thing of the past. From Silicon Valley to smaller Midwestern companies, more and more women are not only filling these roles but dominating in their field. The landscape of the ever-growing tech industry is changing and shows no sign of stopping, […] …read more

Bike Tech That Keeps You Spinning In Colorado

Posted on November 7, 2019 by BWBacon.

Biking is a big deal in Colorado. That’s because we have some of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States. Between the miles and miles of amazing trails through scenic hills and mountains, bike-sharing programs, and safe roadways, our towns have what any aspiring cyclist needs.  Discovering the Best in Bike Tech  From safety gear to trail […] …read more

Employee Retention Tools That Actually Work For A Thriving Team

Posted on November 5, 2019 by BWBacon.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business from a little hatchling to a soaring eagle. Back when it was just a tiny startup, you looked across the table at Jane, your software/marketing/human resources/sales department. You knew how she felt about her job because your team was small and mighty. You didn’t need to implement employee […] …read more

4 Tech Conferences In Denver That Will Keep You On The Leading Edge

Posted on October 31, 2019 by BWBacon.

Colorado is a leader in the tech industry (and a seriously excellent place to live and work), so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to connect and network with in-the-know professionals. Tech conferences are an impactful way to learn the latest innovations and get access to high profile movers and shakers in your field.  Luckily, there […] …read more

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