5 Apps Recruiters Use to Find You

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Recruiters work hard to place the best candidates with the right opportunities. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic job market, recruitment professionals should be especially mobile and agile if they want to get ahead.  For us, our database and referral network is our strongest source of qualified candidates.  But we have to keep identifying strong talent…

Top recruiters leverage new technology to increase their efficiency. Higher levels of automation and productivity provide an edge over the competition. So, how do they do it? Here are just five tools recruiters use to identify, connect with, and place you.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn remains a strong online location to identify and source talent, home to hundreds of millions of professionals. As such, LinkedIn Recruiter is one of, if not the, most popular mobile apps among recruitment professionals. The app makes it easy to converse with candidates via messaging or even direct calls. It updates recruiters when candidates move forward in the application process. There are user notifications when a profile is edited, updated results appear in a saved search, qualified candidates become available, and more. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the LinkedIn Recruiter app requires a paid LinkedIn Recruiter account.  The challenge, however, is that so many candidates get hammered through Linkedin, and many of the most sought after resources with top skillsets have become reticent to update their profiles or stay active on the platform.


HireVue is an excellent example of how technology is bringing traditional recruitment tactics into the modern day. Recruiters use the app to design interview questionnaires over the phone and, when complete, send them to prospective hires. Job candidates respond to the questionnaire by video at their earliest convenience. Employers review these videos and share amongst the internal team of hiring managers before deciding on next steps. HireVue adds a layer of depth and nuance to remote interviewing methodologies that goes far beyond email or phone calls, which ultimately benefits all parties involved.


Social media dominates many young professionals’ digital lives. So, there is immense benefit to embracing creativity in your job postings and advertisements online. InstaJob accomplishes just that – the app transforms any picture into a social-friendly ad that you can blast out across multiple social media channels. If you are interested in growing exposure to your postings in the places online where young professionals tend to congregate (like Instagram), then InstaJob is a must-have.


Similarly designed to engage with the growing role of social media in our consumption of digital content and our behavior (both personal and professional) online, Crowdfire is a platform that manages your connections on Twitter and Instagram. Recruiters use Crowdfire to stay informed as to what potential candidates are posting about in real-time. You can follow specific keywords, as well as receive more granular data about candidate data, like new job titles. You can even prospect new accounts to start following or take note of who has recently unfollowed you. If nurturing a relationship with candidates over social media is an integral part of your recruiting process, this app is a fantastic tool that can make life much easier.


Thanks to Jobr for Business, job hunting is going mobile.  Sometimes called “Tinder for jobs” due to its swipe-based user experience, Jobr provides unparalleled reach for employers interesting in targeting Millennial job seekers. Candidates simply swipe to indicate interest in an available role, and companies can instantaneously connect with that user profile. Everything from receiving resumes to messaging becomes a breeze. The app even optimizes job postings for all mobile devices automatically. For candidates, the app can connect with a number of social media and cloud storage platforms, so keeping your profile up-to-date is simple and they can focus on what really matters – finding the perfect fit for their next career step.



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