Job Opportunity: Java/jQuery Developer

Posted on March 22, 2013 by BWBacon. Tagged: Job Opportunities, News, development, Java

We are in some serious need of a Java/jQuery developer!

Do you have several years’ experience building complex web-based applications? Do you have proven experience with Tomcat, JBOSS, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, WebWork/Struts 2, and are very familiar with HTML, CSS2/3, ANT , JUnit, TeamCity, and Subversion?? Are you interested in learning and growing within a super-fast-paced Agile environment? Are you hooked on the feeling that code you write gets used immediately to assist customers?

Our SaaS platform-based client is looking for someone to join their team by working within their entire technology stack, including high-volume backend storage, API-oriented interfaces, and front-end browser-based applications. They run on CentOS and require cold knowledge of Linux.

We need someone who is familiar with the Agile system, has a true desire to create elegant, user-friendly solutions to tackle complex business problems, and thrives in environments that are fast-paced and constantly changing.
If this sounds like you, or you want to learn more about this opportunity, shoot us an email, connect with us on LinkedIn, or give us a call!