We move fast...really fast!

Posted on August 23, 2011 by BWBacon. Tagged: recruiting, QA, iphone, Staffing, ipad, hire, software, microsoft, Photoshop Analytic Designer, tech, interactive, LAMP, Hiring, project, Photoshop, app, josh anderson, designer, News, ios, consulting, BWBacon, android, digital, PHP, technology, application, Jobs, development, boulder, Rails, drupal, startup, dave bacon, open source, placement, pm, mobile, Staffing & Recruiting, IT, recruiter, social media, developer, design, Java, web

Friday afternoon, one of our favorite clients called us up.  Most recruiters might be halfway out the door thinking of getting an early start to a beautiful Colorado weekend and not even look at a new job order.

But not us.

Our client needed help finding a new Photoshop Analytic Designer pronto.  So, we made a few calls, found a very talented guy; he talked to the client and just like that he started at noon on Monday.