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Posted on September 30, 2011 by BWBacon. Tagged: Orphan Grain Train, foundations, charity, NPR, RIF, Bags of Fun, BW Giving Program, charaties, giving, Reading is Fundamental, National Public Radio, Ocean Conservancy, Perfect Word Ministries, donations, Staffing & Recruiting

Today we had the happy task of making a few donations in the name of some of our candidates as part of our BW Giving Program.

The Giving Program is our way of raising the standard of working together. Every candidate has the option to choose a charity that BW Bacon will donate to in his or her name out of our profits. BW Giving is part of each candidate’s contract with us.

BWBacon has now donated $8,862 various charities that our candidates have chosen!

Here are some of the charities we’ve donated to today:

Beneficiaries logos

To see the other foundations we have contributed to in the past, visit our Beneficiaries page.