Tis the Season for Charitable Giving

Posted on December 8, 2014 by .

We’ve written about working in Colorado on this blog quite a bit, with posts about the unique benefits that some Colorado companies offer and the high salary-to-cost-of-living ratio in Denver. Certainly, we can’t deny that salary and benefits are important factors to consider when choosing your next company of employment, but there’s something else that we feel makes some Colorado companies exceptional: charity.

Giving back to the community shows that a company is dedicated to making an impact beyond its bottom line. It reveals an understanding that organizations are made stronger by their communities and helps build a legacy for the future.

Some companies donate directly to the charities that mean the most to them, whereas others will match employee contributions. For the former, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado is a remarkable network of Colorado companies that have pledged to give a percentage of their founding equity or annual profits back to the community. The 66 current members have provided over $2 million to dozens of local charities! We applaud the mission of this foundation and hope to see more businesses follow their lead.

Many Colorado companies match employee donations to charity, often up to significant amounts. Some examples are Great-West, which matches up to $5,000, and Western Union, which will match up to $10,000! This is a phenomenal way to show your employees that you care about what’s important to them while giving back to the community at the same time.

Here at BWBacon, we take charitable donation very seriously. Our own BW Giving program has donated to over 45 charities, though we currently focus our efforts on helping three Colorado-based organizations that help people of all ages diagnosed with cancer; First Descents, MyLifeLine.org, and Bags of Fun. Check out our BWGiving page to learn more about each of them and the powerful work that they do.

Even if you don’t personally give to charity, we hope that you’ll consider companies that do for your next job. And if you’re interested in finding that next job in Colorado, get in touch with us!

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