Think you've got the Skills

This is the infinite path where we lovingly chase the moving target of our changing world: our client’s evolving interactive and technology needs. As much as our clients rely on the proven tools, they are adopting new technologies we’ve never heard of at the same time. It is as rewarding for us to turn to the people we know and trust, as it is to find new people to learn from and build trust. And so as the people, the clients, and the technologies we support morph, our staffing world stays very much the same. To take our client support full circle is to finish and start anew at the same time. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Of course BWBacon candidates excel with popular technologies, but what we focus on are the candidates who excel at following their life’s vocation, who find passion in mastering their craft in conjuring new design or in writing beautiful code.

In that regard, behind the people, are the skill sets we seek and provide to our client base.

The Goods