Why use a tech Recruiter

"At its core, recruiting is about relationships and taking care of people."

-Dave Bacon, CEO

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If you’re interested in our services or if you are looking for a strong staffing partner, to grow your team with the right people, or if you want to find a new job or contract that appeals to you we should chat. We know some people have had bad experiences using recruiters to seek unemployment and/or filling a position. We know others have had great experiences with recruiters which the are looking to replicate. Individuals and companies have different reasons for using good recruiters. Here are just some of those reasons people engage good recruiters:

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A good Recruiter:

  1. Has total command of the staffing process. We use Agile. Good recruiters establish expectations but rely on creativity.
  2. Provides professional and constructive feedback. Their aim isn’t just to make placements, but to support competency growth in candidates.
  3. Looks to be an extension of your personal brand. They seek to understand you personally, your attributes and your skills, your goals and your hobbies.
  4. Learns from and associates with other good recruiters. They are not afraid to recommend you to trusted competitors if it’s the best way they can help.
  5. Knows their candidates intimately. Close partnerships have been forged not by mere success with strong recruiters, but by overcoming obstacles and navigating what is never a straightforward process.
  6. Takes great pride in being forthright. They know the importance and sensitivity of sharing disappointing news as much as they relish sharing the good news.
  7. Fosters natural placements… they don’t force things. They will adopt to any level of urgency or scale, but not at the cost of compromising one’s instinct or integrity.
  8. Seeks out referrals. If they’re asking, it’s probably because there is embedded trust and respect in who you might know.
  9. Has a good time doing what they do and it’s enthusiastically obvious. They find their industry to be challenging and rewarding; and as important to the economy as any industry.
A Good Recruiter

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We have done this for a long time, and would like to think we embody all of these traits and more. Do you have any ideas as to what else makes a good recruiter? Let us know. And if it’s not us you choose to use, you should look for these attributes in other recruiters. You should qualify a good recruiter, as much as a good recruiter should qualify you

Utilize Our Experience