What is news to BWBacon?

Great milestones and wins through our staffing connections, remarkable feats of inspiring entrepreneurs, and fun adventures of our hard-working team. Our business is rewarding in part because it is so hard, and ever-present is a certain element of triumph, it’s what we celebrate, and it comes in many forms.

What do the sum of these parts mean to us?

We spend our days connecting the best minds with the best ideas, which means we get knocked down as much as we get back up, and all the while we are positively impacting local and global companies and causes.

Here are just some of the good news stories we and others are making.

We’ve been volunteering!

Posted on May 7, 2015 by Abby.

Part of the BWB model is “Better With Giving” and that is just what our team has been up to the last couple weeks. First Descents Climbathon: Hanna and Abby headed to Boulder to help out with the local climbathon! Climbing Gyms all over the country donate time and space for our community to come out and […] …read more

Wright Awards 2014 – Nominations open now!

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Abby.

Last year Dave was the MC for the Wright Awards and we are proud to support them again this year! The nomination period for the 2014 Wright Award is open from May 15 – June 30. Presented annually by Something Independent, the Wright Award recognizes those companies who are leading at the intersection of lifestyle and […] …read more

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