What is news to BWBacon?

Great milestones and wins through our staffing connections, remarkable feats of inspiring entrepreneurs, and fun adventures of our hard-working team. Our business is rewarding in part because it is so hard, and ever-present is a certain element of triumph, it’s what we celebrate, and it comes in many forms.

What do the sum of these parts mean to us?

We spend our days connecting the best minds with the best ideas, which means we get knocked down as much as we get back up, and all the while we are positively impacting local and global companies and causes.

Here are just some of the good news stories we and others are making.

BWGiving: Another Great Round of Giving!

Just today we donated over $500 to various local and international charities. This brings our total donated through BWGiving to over $11,600! We hope you all know about BWGiving by now, but in case you don’t: BWGiving is one of our core programs established in order to really represent and thank our candidates for the work they […] …read more

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Do you know Bacon? Thanks to @blacktiecolorado for this awesome profile of our fearless founder and CEO.… https://t.co/IZOv6zYjCi