Psychedelics In Tech – Unraveling The Mysterious Journey Of Psychedelics In Business

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Although the fascinating world of psychedelics remains taboo in most societies today, sizeable leaps and bounds have been made recently towards demystifying hallucinogens. These discoveries are helping to lift some of the stigmas that surround the use of the substances that exist under the tye-dyed umbrella. Considering some of the research that has come to show the mental health benefits of psychedelics, we are hoping that with an appropriate level of scientific research we can see benefits from appropriate uses of these mystical, natural chemical compounds.

Even though anecdotes of psychedelics and tech are becoming more prevalent, we are really interested in seeing who follows in Denver’s footsteps and how that changes the scientific community’s approach to the compounds.

Decriminalization of Mushrooms In Denver

One of the most recent movements in this space happened right here in our pioneering town of Denver. May 8, 2019, marked the passing of I-301, an initiative that decriminalized the use and possession of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in the city and county of Denver. To translate — local law enforcement views the possession and use of the substance to be of the lowest priority and no further resources shall be spent on the enforcement of laws that relate to the penalties tied to its possession and/or use. Additionally, Oakland, California subsequently enacted a similar initiative. Of course, psilocybin and several other substances remain illegal under federal law (similar to cannabis and THC).

As stated, the passing of such initiatives is still a significant step in the direction towards destigmatizing these powerful, natural substances and opening up research for those who can benefit from their qualities. Currently, researchers are receiving more funding than ever to assist in the continuation of studies that were halted back in the 1960s. Organizations such as The Heffter Research Institute and MAPS are a few of the leading research programs conducting studies aimed at helping individuals with treatment-resistant depression, substance addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and PTSD.

Our thought is that the intentional use, as well as prescribed use of psychedelics, may lead to a better understanding of oneself which ultimately could benefit our decision-making skills, create new pathways of thought and allow us to create more freely. That’s not to say we are advocating their use, like with alcohol or THC, not everyone has a positive experience. Studies have shown, however, that the use of psilocybin promotes neurogenesis — the creation of new pathways between areas of the brain that don’t typically communicate. When these new connections are formed, users report experiencing heightened empathy towards others, a more accepting sense of self and enhanced creativity. Why such positive reactions you ask? These substances all work by attaching themselves to serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin, which is commonly associated with being the “happiness” neurotransmitter, is the primary conductor stimulated in the serotonergic system where all psychedelics create their dazzling and unique effects.

Psychedelics and Tech Today

Adam Wiggins, entrepreneur extraordinaire and co-founder of San Francisco startup, Heroku, is largely one of the biggest donors and proponents of recent research. He has stated — “It seems really meaningful to me to understand how and why psychedelics have had such a profound impact on people who in turn have had a profound impact on society.” And it’s no longer only new world psychedelics that are garnering attention these days. The group, Entrepreneurs Awakening, are leading ayahuasca-based enhancement programs for business leaders who are seeking something more in terms of guidance or building upon the stabilization of their companies.

As you’re likely aware, trailblazers within the world of modern technology, i.e. Carl Sagan and Steve Jobs, cited LSD as a major contributing factor to their innovativeness and cognitive flexibility. The latest trend among similar productivity-obsessed individuals is “micro-dosing”, a term that has recently gained notoriety due to its application amongst the fast-paced Silicon Valley community of programmers and coders. Essentially, after administering very small doses of the substance users report experiencing a decluttering of the mind and prolonged learning which can lead to workplace creativity.

Michael Pollan who is an Oxford-educated Professor and renowned author recently published a fantastic explorative piece that offers insight into the recently reopened world of research and the impact that these powerful tools are having on their users. If it’s a deeper dive you desire, consider researching Paul Stamets, another favorite character of ours who is the world’s leading mycologist. He has a profound and utterly mind-blowing expanse of knowledge on the entire world of mushrooms and the role they play in the history and the future of humanity. His appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience is a great listen and continues to be one of the most listened to episodes to date.

We’ve seen the role that psychedelics have played in the history and innovations within the massive realm of technology. Now more than ever that role may determine what some of the next steps taken in the departments of research and lawmaking may be. And although these substances remain illegal, waves of people experiencing breakthroughs, especially in the vast tech community, could be the catalyst necessary to successfully propel the movement forward. For better or for worse. Clearly the impact that these natural tools have had on some of the notable entrepreneurs has inspired them to dedicate more time and money on scientific research and new business ideas. And as research continues to expand our knowledge and understanding of how these tools work in relation to the human psyche, the future appears to be holding astounding potential.

We also want to encourage an open conversation around this topic, so if anyone has any insight, comments, or personal experience in this space that they want to share, please reach out to us!

We leave you with this quote to ponder from one of the most treasured philosophers and psychonauts this world has ever seen:

“Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. And so to whatever degree any one of us, can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building to the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all is what it’s really all about.”Terrance McKenna

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