VR Jobs — Tremendous Growth And Expansion Into New Sectors

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When you think of VR jobs and this rising technology, you might picture strangers flailing around while wearing oversized goggles. There’s no shortage of ‘fail compilations’ featuring visibly disoriented tech users losing their balance due to the convincing environments rendered in real-time. These scenarios often trigger a humorous fight or flight response.

Of course, we know that VR is changing the opportunities in many industries. Companies can now help their consumers see deeper into designs and innovations.

In this post, we’re exploring this revolutionary and sometimes misunderstood technology. Many VR jobs give you an opportunity to produce groundbreaking results in an ever-expanding range of industries, including architecture, therapy, and healthcare.

Understanding Rising Opportunities in VR Jobs

Breaking The Fourth Wall

With multiple offices, including one in Boulder, Occipital is moving the needle by utilizing VR for spatial computing with cross-platform functionality. Using the Occipital Perception Engine, they scan and map real-world objects. Objects transform into 3D spaces. This tech can be used to create virtual tours of schematics for architecture projects with true-to-life dimensional congruence. Pretty cool — and very useful — stuff. 

Virtual Checkup

Virtual reality therapy (VRT) implements VR tech for psychological and occupational therapy. They’re also venturing into the world of virtual rehabilitation. Patients can navigate through digitally created environments and complete specially designed tasks that are tailored to treat specific ailments. These treatments yield very positive results in those who have PTSD, as well.

Real-time outputs can help patients and their physicians adjust treatment plans. VRT is proof that technology can help improve people’s lives. 

Paper To Skyscraper

Concept3D specializes in creating interactive 3D tours of the real-world and conceptual environments. This state-of-the-art tech offers clients an immersive experience that helps them visualize projects in the works. By seeing the proposed physical workspace in depth from anywhere through a VR interface, everyone can feel more confident jumping on board. 

Just imagine that you’re in the client’s shoes and envisioning a new building construction. Wouldn’t it be so much better to explore the space in virtual reality versus seeing it on paper? We think so! That’s why Concept3D created this innovative tech. They want to help people experience plans before it becomes reality. It also helps avoid issues and miscommunications, which was not a possibility before this unique viewing tech.

The Future Is Bright With VR Tech

As you can see, the world of VR tech is on the rise. Augmented reality (AR) is also rapidly setting itself apart with new and inventive developments. Gone are the days of generic 3D simulations and cheesy depictions of ‘sci-fi’ environments.

Today, the uses for VR tech are as varied as they are useful. Your skills can go beyond virtual games to offer breathtaking simulations that allow for advanced training, dynamic educational experiences, and breakthroughs in therapeutic healthcare.

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