So. Much. News!

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Wow! We have been so crazy hard at work here at BWBacon that I haven’t even had the chance to take a breath and update!

In the last month, we have placed 28 people in contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time positions at quite a few different companies. Talk about awesome! These positions include some .NET developers, C# developers, a few UX and UI developers, a visualization artist, a mobile designer, and a whole lot more. We have also brought in client companies who are doing epic things in the realms of mobile games, security, and POS systems – just to name a few. Needless to say, our Kanban chart is totally rockin’:

Ohhhh yeah!

Not only are we busy putting people to work, but we are also busy getting our brand new website ready for launch. This site will be responsive to laptops, mobile devices, and tablets as well as feature some of the latest and greatest in web design by our friends at Zenman. Dave & the team might also make some fun cameo appearances too! We are all super stoked for a new website that will really represent us as ambassadors for IT professionals, great companies in our area, and the Denver tech community as a whole. Go Denver!

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