Sweet, Sweet Victory!

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Everyone on the BWBacon team has been especially busy, and in the past ten days we made seven placements! Not too shabby, right?

We placed a PHP/LAMP Developer, System Administrator, Application Analyst, Front End/UI Developer, VP of Customer Operations, Client Relations Manager, and a Senior .NET Project Lead in a mix of contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time positions. WHEW!

These placements range from mobile development partners to healthcare to various professional services. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go ahead and say that we are indeed CRUSHING IT!

If you want to work with our awesome team to help land your dream IT job in Denver, then reach out to us or check out the ‘Careers’ section. We are always looking for guys and gals with experience in Ruby on Rails, .NET, MySQL, Java/jQuery and many others!

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