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BWGiving: Another Great Round of Giving!

Just today we donated over $500 to various local and international charities. This brings our total donated through BWGiving to over $11,600! We hope you all know about BWGiving by now, but in case you don’t: BWGiving is one of our core programs established in order to really represent and thank our candidates for the work they […] …read more

Share and share alike

Today we had the happy task of making a few donations in the name of some of our candidates as part of our BW Giving Program. The Giving Program is our way of raising the standard of working together. Every candidate has the option to choose a charity that BW Bacon will donate to in […] …read more

Dave talks about “Making A Difference” at Lone Tree Elementary

Dave and I are back at work after a very special day at Lone Tree Elementary talking to a group of about 500 kids about Making a Difference. Dave was the opening presentation for Lone Tree’s Making a Difference Mondays. I know we had just as much fun as the kids and left energized! A […] …read more

We've built this resource to highlight all of the initiatives across Denver and Colorado helping people impacted by COVID-19. Stay strong CO! #recruittogether #keepColoradoworking