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UI Designer gets cozy with our client

After a very discerning search for the right candidate, we are happy to report that we have placed a UI Designer with one of our close partners! It easy to find people who want to work for this company, but we work hard to makes sure the feeling is mutual. Our candidates must share the […] …read more

IA/UX designer found

Yesterday while most of you were watching basketball in the bars, we were still here diligently working for our clients & candidates. We found a great candidate for an Information Architect & User Experience position for one of our closest partners. We are sure she’ll be impressed by this exciting web & mobile application developer […] …read more

A Perl in the rough

Posted on March 1, 2012 by BWBacon. Tagged: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

…that’s how that saying goes, right? We have paired a positively perfect PHP/Perl position! Our candidate will be working on this short-term contract to help migrate the company into a new system with her mastery of PHP & Perl. If you’re keeping track, this would be our 3rd placement with this radiant client in the […] …read more

VoyageDenver interviewed our very own Kelsey Fagan about her journey and work as BWBacon's Operations Manager. Kelsey has helped transform BWB's business processes, read her story below to learn more. #leadership