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Andrew is Awarded AIRS CIR certification!

BWBacon is becoming a force to be reckoned with! Continually building up the skills of our own team is important to us in offering the best services to our clients and resources. And we put that philosophy into practice: Our sourcing lead just successfully completed his AIRS course & test and is now a Certified […] …read more

BWBacon gets Agile!

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Structure built by Dave & Josh during their SCRUM master training. After a rigorous, extremely fun, and inspiring two-day session, Dave & Josh are now SCRUM masters! They have been enthusiastically implementing their new skills within the team and we are all ready to gain some velocity in the coming weeks to finish some deals! …read more

There is solidarity knowing that we're all in this together. Use this list of 30 things to do that aren't binge-watching to help you stay positive and engaged during social distancing...