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Join LeanUX Denver! (With a little help from BWB)

Posted on July 30, 2012 by BWBacon. Tagged: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Methods and Tools for measuring the user experience effectively and economically Have you signed up for LeanUX Denver 2012 yet? Join us and be part of Denver’s first LeanUX conference with a 15% discount for our friends using the promo code ‘BWBACON’! Some of the speakers include…Gerry McGovern (Customer Carewords), Hendrik Kleinsmiede (PayPal),  Jeff Gothelf […] …read more

Ruby on Rails postion filled for a new client

We just filled a very cool front-end web development position with new client in the creative space with one of our Ruby on Rails resources. He will be so stoked to work on the cool projects that this company has lined up for him, for example: creating high-traffic websites. This looks like the beginning of […] …read more

UI Designer found!

We had an incredible project come to us last week in need of a UI designer to create the interface for a web/mobile application. It was for one of our largest clients and we knew that anyone we talked to be would be excited to work on this project. Now it was about finding the […] …read more

Another web developer joins the team

This will be our second placement with this client and it just happens to be another relocation as well. With experience in various frameworks, CMS tools, and front-end user interface languages and programs to create beautiful web designs, this new candidate will be able to hit the ground running as he contributes to the team […] …read more

A deal for every day of the week

We are super-charged for this week after ending last week with seven closed deals! Some of the last three that came in on Friday were…. 01. Another javascript/jQuery position with a client that is quickly becoming one of our greatest advocates as their company grows exponentially. 02. A back-end java position with for a client […] …read more

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