Why Denver is the Best City for Work / Life Balance

Posted on April 7, 2014 by Abby. Tagged:


Work / life balance in some cities and companies is not up for discussion. In other places, it is a nice theory that is mentioned from time to time but never implemented. And in other places – like Denver and Colorado for example – it is revered. Here are four reasons why:

1.      Employees in Denver Demand It

When you ask most people why they moved to Denver or Colorado, they will typically give you an answer related to the weather, the mountains, skiing, snowboarding or all of the above. (Many will tell you they came for the winter but stay for the summer.)

Whatever they tell you, the majority of the time it is related to getting more fun, more enjoyment and more fulfillment out of life, and with over 200,000 people moving to Colorado every year – that is a huge influx of individuals influencing the cultural paradigm of companies.

2.      Companies Encourage It

With the strong Denver and Colorado economy, often finding the right employee for the job comes with significant challenges for employers. Further, retaining employees when the economy is strong can often introduce additional complexities.

To ensure employees are happy and companies are strong, Colorado and Denver businesses frequently have unique benefits such as unlimited vacation, mandatory powder days, flexible schedules, the ability to work from home and other offerings to attract employees, and encourage them to stay.

Ground Floor Media, a Denver-based PR agency, is a perfect example. They refer to the work / life balance as the “work-life blend”. They encourage their employees to blend their home lives with work (e.g, scheduling appointments in the middle of the day, or leaving at 3pm to pick up their children).

Through their selective hiring process they are able to bring in highly trusted employees into their culture of  empowerment, accountability and flexibility.

3.      Denver and Colorado’s Strong and Stable Economy Allows for It

Colorado and Denver learned a hard lesson when the oil and gas market crashed in the 80s: an economy based on only one or a few industries is in serious danger in the event of collapse. Now, over 30 years later, Denver’s and Colorado’s economy is incredibly diverse. (Many of our top cities make it on the lists of best cities to open a start-up.)

Industries represented here include:  travel and leisure, telecommunications, food and beverage (the over 21 and under 21 kinds), mining, healthcare, technology, professional services, marketing, advertising, TV, video and new media, sports, outdoor apparel and gear, aviation, energy, shipping and transportation, software, education, natural health and more and more and more.

4.      The Cost of Living Supports It

We have all heard (or maybe even lived) the stories of people who have resided in the places where the cost of living requires either one job with ridiculous hours or multiple jobs. In Denver, and in the majority of areas around Colorado, this is not, however, required. Denver’s cost of living in comparison to other major or like cities across the United States is incredibly reasonable. Want to buy a house in Denver? It will cost you approximately $340,000. Want to buy a house in San Diego? Prepare to come up with $550,000.


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