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Tech Recruiter Feature: Nicholas Werner

At BWBacon, we love our team. In fact, we love our team so much that we want you to learn more about who they really are! Meet one of our amazing recruiters, Nicholas Werner, pictured above at the 2022 Silverton Shred. Nick joined the BWB team in September of 2021 as a technical recruiter. With a background in HR and software development, Nick recruits for all technical roles from IT Directors to Back End Software Engineers to VPs of Engineering, and has already helped 4 individuals start new roles in 2023.


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What’s your professional background and how did you get into recruiting?

When I graduated college in 2009, it was difficult to find a job at the time because of the recession. I ended up getting a job at a retirement home in activities as a bus driver, and later as a Human Resources Manager. I loved the job, but after a few years I decided to move to Colorado. On a whim, with no job and no plans, I decided to move to Denver. After some networking, I got connected to Prime Source. Although I was overqualified for their temp roles, they needed recruiters, so they ended up offering me a recruiting position because of my HR background.

After working there for 3 years, I started looking for other roles because I wanted to find something more niche and focused on recruiting. I interviewed with a few places, but ultimately wanted to work with BWBacon. When I met the team, it felt different. Even just from meeting the leadership team, I got such a nice vibe and thought it was a great team environment. I wanted to be somewhere where I knew I would get along with everyone, but also where I knew I would feel comfortable and safe. It is something I consider highly when interviewing with a company.

It was important to me to find somewhere that embraced inclusivity and diversity for my next job. I felt like it would be a warm, welcoming environment and the rest is history."

What’s your favorite part about recruiting?

Getting to meet people and talk to people, I enjoy that. There is a purpose to this role, I feel like I’m helping people. Recruiters can get a bad rap sometimes, but I try to help my candidates as best as I can, it’s about building those relationships. Even if I don’t help them find a role, I’m still happy for them that they have found something. I am more engaged with my candidates and try to give more information upfront than other recruiters do.

I always appreciate the nice remarks and feedback from candidates who are doing well after placing them. I’m a fairly outgoing person, so I enjoy the professional calls and feeling like I’m a small part of their life, that’s important to me. Work can be work, and there’s a lot of background work that goes into getting people hired, but it’s so rewarding when they get that job and they are happy.

What BWB value do you feel best represents you and your approach to recruiting?

I identify with a lot of our values, but I think for me, I would pick being vulnerable and open. I’ve had jobs where you could not say what you were thinking because it would not be received well, but I’ve been able to be honest about my feelings here. I’ve never been met with reprimand or negative outcomes, it’s just thank you, how can I help you? And that’s important.

When I’m recruiting, I also try to focus on honesty and transparency. I have worked with recruiters that spoke to me for two minutes and it made me feel icky because they never asked what I was looking for or my background.

For me, being very honest and upfront with candidates and listening to them and making sure that their needs are being met is a way to show respect and be vulnerable and open."

For example, when I am initially talking to a candidate, I give them all the info I have upfront, and I mean everything. I have had a lot of positive feedback that people appreciate the amount of detail I have given in the interview process; they appreciate that level of openness. I want to make sure the people I’m working with have the same info I do, so they can be honest with me if they are interested or if they feel they aren’t the best fit.

What’s It Like To Work With Nick? Hear From BWB Candidates!

I would also like to say having worked with a few recruiters now that Nick did an excellent job! He was super on top of everything and always good about answering questions I had.”


Nick was wonderful to work with and I can tell he really enjoys working for BWBacon. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you so much."


I know that BWBacon isn’t a large organization, but that means by [reaching out to me, a potential candidate], something is happening behind the curtain…and as job seeker, it is reassuring to know that. Second, I’ve been on both sides of the desk, job seeker and job hirer. There are many staffing organizations out there and I get emails every day from them. Most are just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. They don’t read a resume or profile or don’t know how to do so. To be different from them (and successful in my opinion), it is about the relationship. Whether we’re successful in getting me the interview with your client this time, I won’t forget that “Better with Bacon” isn’t like all the rest, especially when I go to hire in the future. Thanks again."



Final Thoughts:

Thanks for telling us about yourself Nick. Nick puts his heart into every search and cares about the outcome of the process for each and every candidate he works with. If you're a technical candidate interested in working with Nick specifically, you can schedule a call with him today!

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