Explore Tech salary ranges for 2023 + More

It's back. Packed with industry research and real data from BWBacon Group, the annual BWBacon Tech Salary Guide helps you stay grounded with what's going on in the tech industry today. Whether you are growing your career or a team, get insights on today's tech hiring market including...

  • Updated Tech Salary Ranges
  • Hiring Trends for 2022-2023
  • Local & National Salary Insights
  • Embracing The Future Of Work
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What's inside:

Making an educated decision on what to offer for annual compensation is a complex process involving a host of resources. Finding a tech job with alignment & great benefits brings different, but complementing challenges for tech professionals. Whether you're hiring or accepting an offer, check out the guide to see if you’re in range.

All About Culture

What are technical professionals looking for? Values are changing and as they shift, candidates continue to seek flexible-first cultures and places where they can make a difference...

2023 Market Insights

Remote work has impacted most tech companies nationwide. Talent industry leaders shared with BWB what talent strategies are working for local & remote hiring in a sizzling hot market...

The Future of work

The future of work has arrived. Countless insights will come from this transitionary period, and we're diving into which trends are fleeting and which are here to stay...