BWB Giving

Being better means looking at the context of our values and knowing that at the center of everything we do as a company is helping people. Whether it’s in helping our clients grow, our communities thrive or our candidates expand, we are always helping people. We have all been injected with a certain helping-people DNA. Better With Giving has always reflected that, and we have donated to over 45 charities in the names of our resources. But like all things, BWGiving has evolved and has now been aligned to focus on three Colorado-based organizations that help people fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Learn how and why we support these three amazing organizations below, why they sincerely matter to us, and learn how we support as they continuously and tirelessly work to support those in need, bringing the best out of team BWBacon along the way.

First Descents

First Descents (FD) is a Denver-based nonprofit that provides free, life-changing outdoor adventure programs designed to empower young adults living with cancer. We’re confident our partnership with BWBacon will support FD’s ability to grow its reach and impact. We’re honored by BWBacon’s commitment to First Descents and the young adults living with cancer who we serve. BWBacon is made-up of incredible, like-minded professionals who understand the impact and value of FD’s work in the cancer community, and who also have a unique passion for helping individuals find their path in life.

Bags of Fun

The Mission of the Gabby Krause Foundation is to make a difference in the lives of Children and their families who are faced with fighting cancer and other long term, life threatening childhood illnesses. The Gabby Krause Foundation was started to fulfill Gabby’s wish that every child fighting childhood cancer have a Bag of Fun. BW Giving will help us deliver Bags of Fun to kids who need it most. Their generosity will help us say “Yes” to every bag request we receive. BW giving is a terrific example of the generosity, loyalty and passion of Dave Bacon. BWBacon is committed to helping bring smiles, adventure and compassion to people facing the fight of their lives!