Battery621 Update: BWB + First Descents Share Space And Invigorate Partnership

Posted on January 26, 2023 by Bailey Crumpton. Tagged: Colorado Companies, Battery 621, Featured Companies, BWBacon, Denver Metro

The world is changing. Work is changing. Offices are changing. From empty office buildings being rented for video production, to decentralizing entire national teams, to renovating existing spaces to gear towards greater collaboration when teams do come to the office, each of these examples represent outcomes of remote work instigated by the pandemic.

For enterprise companies, the decision to hold onto or let go of office space was largely philosophical, based in beliefs systems about the most effective ways to work, and we saw those conversations play out in the public eye over the last two years. Mid-size and smaller companies face a slightly different, though related issue when it comes to maintaining in-person spaces, often focusing more on costs and what makes sense for the business overall.

As a small team ourselves, even the thought of abandoning our beloved office space and community at Battery 621 felt like throwing a wrench into an integral part of our culture. It would be a more definite decision that would alter our traditions and, in some ways, grow a fear of losing team closeness. As a difficult decision many companies have looked at over the last three years, we knew we were likely not alone in the desire to both work remotely and continue meeting in person to have important meetings, work through issues as a team, and connect.

Some believe luck simply turns up when the universe is favoring you, others believe good luck is made over time by a series of good connections and goodwill. Late last fall, our team caught wind that another local team, First Descents, a nonprofit organization that hosts outdoor adventures for young people with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, was also looking for a new solution to continue working in a hybrid model without taking on the burden of financing an office space full time.

A few conversations and a lot of moving boxes later, and BWBacon Group is thrilled to welcome our new office roommates to Battery 621!! An innately creative and collaborative space, Battery already feels like home to First Descents due to their rich connections with its community. From the annual Silverton Shred, to our Business Development Manager and Operations Director, Mindy Murphy, working as an FD chef before she joined BWB, to our CEO, Dave Bacon, being the Chairman of the Board of FD’s sister company, Stokebroker, joining forces in a newly renovated office space just made sense.

So, we constructed a plan to destruct parts of the office, breaking down walls to open up the space and shift it towards being more team-friendly. With help from the Public Works and Forman St Builders (that Battery community always coming in to support big dreams...), we created 2 much larger, open rooms to house multiple desks and welcome more natural light pouring in through the windows. Take a look at some behind the scenes shots of the changeover process, and if you’re ever in the Santa Fe Arts District, come check it out for yourself!

Before / during...

IMG_3331  IMG_3328  IMG_3852


IMG_3923  IMG_3922  IMG_3919


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