15 Little Known Facts about Battery 621

Posted on December 13, 2013 by Abby. Tagged: Battery 621, BWBacon

battery door picture

Where many saw an abandoned warehouse next to a highway, others saw 30,000 square feet awaiting conversion into one of the most coveted, creative workspaces in Denver, if not the state...

Knowing that when it comes to creativity and vision, there are no limits, the founders of Wink Inc. and The Public Works re-fabbed what is now Battery 621 to house a gamut of sought after companies such as Spyder, CompanyBe, Something Independent, Drumbeat, School of Rock, Sales Guys, Icelantic, Gociety, Sammy T, and of course, yours truly - Denver’s technical recruiter of choice, BWBacon.

Battery 621 is far more than a place to work; we have a love affair with our home and of our paths.  Battery is a place to be unorthodox and professional, humble and cocky, supportive and independent, all at the same time.  Our invitation is always open, our welcome exceedingly friendly… We shun superfluous busy-ness, and relish the resolve to try anything.  At Battery, our often unlikely ideas unfold with exponential, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and true to our name, we’re like the bumpy end of a Duracell - we’re positive and bring lasting energy.    It’s a common thread, a wholly unique strand - as if we’ve all been injected with the battery DNA...   What is this place?  Here are 15 little known facts about Battery 621.

  1. Our new photo studio also serves as a massage parlor and on occasion, open bar.
  2. The Battery 621 logo is visible from outer space.*
  3.  On average, six dogs call our office home each day.
  4. We are part of the monthly Santa Fe First Friday Art Walk…  come find inspiration here!
  5. Our building was once a lighting and lamp warehouse.  We use considerably less electricity now.
  6. We have a custom built, 3,000 square foot rooftop party deck made with 12,000 lbs of steel.
  7. Beetle-kill wood was used prominently in the remodeling of our space (see Icelantic sky gallery & Spyder walk) and other areas came to life from re-purposed trade show booths.
  8. We have Denver’s only** swine shrine. This ‘Ode to Bacon’ includes over 200 bacon-themed novelties ranging from Bacon jellybeans, bacon socks to bacon ‘lube’...   A new shrine will be created at Industry…
  9. Recent celebrity visitors to Battery 621 include Olympic skiers Julie Mancuso, Darren Rahlves, and Tommy Moe, as well as big mountain skier/climber, Chris Davenport, musical artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and the String Cheese Incident, Governor Hickenlooper, and Mayor Hancock.
  10. We go through 80 5 oz. coffee cases of coffee/week – roughly 80 cups/week.
  11. Speaking of beverages:  22 kegs of free beer yearly, and 4 gallons of milk/week.
  12. We have 72 tenants across 14 different companies (loose math says that’s almost a 1/4 keg/tenant/year).
  13. Exit parking lot, take right, go West.  40 minutes to ski and ride Loveland Pass.
  14. Approximately 40,000 cars drive by our building every day.  Signage!  (And yes, people who measure such things have actually tallied this, and have come in for coffee.)
  15. We are on the corner and in the vicinity of the highest concentration of marijuana grow houses in Denver (or likely the country).  Westword called our corner the ‘most chronic corner in town’.

*Actually, we don’t know if this is 100% true, but the logo sits on a 3000 square foot rooftop deck, and it just must be visible from space - right??

**Ok, we don’t know this is 100% true either, but what are the chances anyone else in Denver has a jumbo-sized bacon shrine??


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