30 Ideas Besides Netflix To Stay Engaged During Social Distancing

Posted on March 20, 2020 by .

While we all keep our physical distance, we are metaphorically in the same boat.  As people across the world face potential weeks of encouraged self-isolation, we’re right here with you thinking of all the ways to keep our spirits up.

During these challenging times we want to keep our minds focused on what’s to come, the light at the end of this temporary tunnel. We have a choice to face these circumstances with fear and panic, or dig deeper to acknowledge the greater sacrifice we’re making as a society to try and protect others and return to normal life as soon as possible.

The greater implications of COVID-19 are saturating our minds and all over the news, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be our focus every minute of every day. That’s why we’ve built this list of 30 things to do that will add brightness to your day outside of work, and help you pass the time.

30 Practically Free Things To Do That Aren’t TV

  1. Take time for meditation
    • There’s an app for that, even 10 minutes of stillness can help lower stress levels.
  2. Facetime a friend
    • Seeing someone’s face has more of an impact than a normal call, stay connected as much as possible.
  3. Walk your dog
    • Dogs all over the world are celebrating the extra time they get with their people, if you have a dog, give it an extra squeeze.
  4. Donate or volunteer
    • Organizations servicing in-need populations need help now more than ever. Consider donating or volunteering for food service organizations or health organizations that are on the front lines of helping people through this challenging situation.
  5. Write a letter to a friend
    • There’s nothing like pen and paper. Letters take time and everyone appreciates getting mail.
  6. Draw, make art
    • Drawing, painting, and making art is rewarding and relaxing even if you’re not Da Vinci. It’s more important than ever that creativity stay a strong force, and come in many forms.
  7. Free online workouts or yoga
    • There are thousands of free online videos to keep you motivated as even more gyms adapt to making their classes available online. If you like a little yoga, get flowing.
  8. Visit National Parks
  9. Play an instrument
    • Anyone else have a dusty guitar that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while? It’s never too late to start that band you always wanted to.
  10. Clean the uncleanable
    • Been avoiding your oven a little too long or that collection of receipts piling up in the car? Break out the gloves, it’s worth it as cleaning has positive psychological effects.
  11. At-home dance party
    • Turn up your speakers and literally shake the stress out, this too shall pass and dancing can give you an endorphin rush that boosts your mood.
  12. Try a new recipe
    • Even more than usual, the internet has been flooded with recipes for comfort food, meals that save, and of course, all the baked goods. Don’t like to cook? Follow a step by step video.
  13. Do a puzzle or play a board game
    • Dust off all of your games and puzzles everyone, we’re in this for the long haul. They’re great for bonding, potential hours of fun to be had, great for your brain.
  14. Make a gratitude practice
    • A daily gratitude practice can help combat feelings of uneasiness.  Today we are grateful for the tireless efforts of first-responders and health workers as we navigate these circumstances.
  15. Organize your house
    • Spring cleaning anyone? If you haven’t watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, get inspired and tackle your biggest home storage issues.
  16. Write for yourself
    • Write a story, your thoughts and reflections, or research on something you want to learn about.
  17. Movie Marathon
    • Coordinate watching a series of movies with friends and family, we hope you have popcorn!
  18. Play card games
    • You’re never too old to play spoons and other card games, has any one ever tried making the stacking card tower?
  19. Take a virtual museum tour
    • Museums all over the world have digital experiences to take you through some of the world’s most beloved art collections, prepare to be immersed.
  20. Read a book
    • We all have that stack of books we say we’re going to read, grab a blanket and seek solace in another world for a while…
  21. Preparedness food prep
    • A lot of us have had the opportunity to stock up on food, but being mindful of waste is also important. Think about freezing certain items and leftovers, or creating a meal plan to keep track of expiration dates in your fridge.
  22. Listen to music/Build a shared playlist
    • Modern tech is amazing- build a shared playlist with friends to keep everyone’s spirits up.
  23. Plan a future trip
    • Get out your paper maps and atlases and dream about where you’ll go when all of this has calmed down. Having something to look forward to can help ease the uncertainty of what’s happening today.
  24. Call your mom
    • Seriously though, call your mom. Check in on people you love and embrace the solidarity of everyone quarantining at the same time.
  25. Learn a language
    • We like Duolingo, an app with daily games and exercises, designed to get you communicating and maybe ready for that future trip?
  26. Work on your finances
    • There’s no better time than now to make a game plan for the future and get your money in order, whatever that means to you.
  27. Try a new method of cooking
    • Get creative in the kitchen, and get everyone involved! Make something out of your comfort zone, no one is coming over to see it anyway.
  28. Rearrange your furniture
    • Shifting your feng shui can make your space feel fresh. Always wanted the couch to face a different way?  Try it now, see what everyone thinks with an Instagram poll.
  29. Get to that project you’ve been putting off
    • Physical clarity can bring mental clarity, take a moment to hang that painting that’s been on the floor, or free your home of things you no longer need.
  30. Look through old photos
    • We’re not saying cry over the good old days because this is not forever. Reflecting on memories helps us remember what we have gratitude for, that life is constantly shifting, and people have always adapted to change.

Help us add to this list with your own quarantine solutions!

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