5 Great Tech Companies to Watch in Denver, Part I

Posted on November 12, 2013 by BWBacon. Tagged: Great Tech Companies, Denver Tech Companies

The number of companies crushing it in the Denver-area is almost impossible to count.  As soon as one business arrives on the Colorado scene, we’re enlightened by a new company that quickly follows it.

Today, Denver has so many businesses building a national name for themselves it is hard to know where to begin in recognizing them, but here are 5 of our favorites - in no particular order:


Avoiding risk-averse business practices while staying in compliance and keeping employees happy is, let’s face it, not for the faint of heart.

Thankfully, the country (and Denver) has Convercent.

Convercent saw a major opportunity to combine governance, compliance, analytics and employee satisfaction - and seized it. Their impact is, and will continue to be, sizeable. Their leadership is top notch, their product beautiful and their workspace a place you visit and never want to leave. Watch them closely to see it all happen.


Denver-based WellTok is changing the face of wellness, healthcare, engagement and incentives; and you aren’t going to want to miss any of it.  Their business model is based on this - if you reward people for healthy behaviors, they are more likely to do them, and when both of these things happen - payors, health systems, ACOs and other population health managers can impact health, empower members and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

The WellTok leadership team has it in spades, and they recently moved into a beautiful space. Keep an eye on them, as you keep an eye on your wellness.


The infrastructure costs for companies to maintain custom email solutions are going through the roof, and companies are finding they don’t have the time, budget, resources or patience to manage it all.

Enter SendGrid, a Boulder-based company, to the rescue.

SendGrid offers “a cloud-based email infrastructure that relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems.” Their solutions are reliable and scalable. They offer real-time analytics and flexible APIs to make integration 100% heartache free.

A TechStars company, SendGrid is much more than a Colorado darling and a household name. They are a fantastic example of what the state is bringing to the nation and world. Companies are flocking to their solution and all who want to see an enormous success story in the making will want to keep careful tabs on SendGrid.


When people talk of great Colorado companies, FullContact is consistently mentioned. They embody the best of the best qualities of a start-up and because of that attract some of the best talent in the state.

FullContact’s solutions puts all of your contacts (yes, every last one of them) in a centralized and organized place where you can sync, share, update, clean and merge information; and their cleverness does not stop there. Take a picture of a business card and instantly upload the information to your Google contact list.

Go to their site to give their beta demo a spin. You will be glad you did.


Working out requires work; and we are not talking about just lifting and cardio. Running a fitness business means billing and payments management, creating workouts, monitoring clients’ progress and helping members optimize their fitness program. It also involves creating class schedules, the ability to sign up, attendance tracking and gobs of more daily, weekly and annual essential business activities.

This is where ZenPlanner enters the picture. Zen Planner’s culture is all about highly charged enthusiasm, athleticism and momentum in positive directions; and this is 100% reflected in their product - a software solution that allows businesses in the fitness industry to manage every aspect of their company – in one centralized place.

Where better than the Denver area to watch ZenPlanner dominate?  We just don’t know.


Want to work for companies like these?   Some of these are clients, some aren’t, and we just admire them.  BWBacon’s Denver-based technical recruiting services focus on more than just the new and the up-and-coming, but those businesses with hugely relevant and impactful products and services – in other words – the companies that are crushing it. Want to work for businesses like these? Get in touch with us. We can help! Call us 303.593.1425

By David Bacon