5 Responses and Inspiring Community Action Confronting COVID-19

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Bailey Crumpton. Tagged: Resources for Candidates, For Candidates, Resources for Entrepreneurs, For Clients

Unprecedented is a fitting word for how much the world has changed overnight.  As challenging as these times are, they also test our willingness to put the health of our community above our own comforts.

While many of us stay at home and keep our teams connected digitally, there are thousands of people risking their lives and dedicating their time to the solutions that will get us through this.  We’re expressing gratitude for all of these individuals working extremely hard and making personal sacrifices.

To Those Not Staying Home

We see the medical workers, first responders and police, scientists researching this virus, grocery store workers, those in distribution and delivery services, public servants, maintenance and repair workers, sanitation workers, pharmacists, teachers, and volunteers on the front lines and we thank you.

It’s astonishing how much the coronavirus has changed the nature of our lives. Bringing awareness to the positive impacts being made by people near us and all over the world is one way we can look toward the future. With as much daunting news is out there, we hope this list of initiatives can help inspire solidarity and optimism.

The World Adapts In Response To Coronavirus Outbreak

1) Supporting the Front Lines through Production

Companies all over the country and the world are converting their factories to increase the production of desperately needed medical supplies.  Businesses from New Balance to Dyson are working to transform their factories to make masks and ventilators.  Others are making gloves, distillery-made hand-sanitizer, and more supplies to be shipped to hospitals and care facilities in need.

Here in Colorado, Denver Mattress Firm is stopping its production of mattresses to make 3,000 to 5,000 safety masks a day to help hospitals fill the gap protecting patients and staff while they source more supplies.

2) Big Tech Responds To High Demand

Platforms like Zoom have seen drastic increase in downloads, as of Wednesday March 11th, 343,000 people globally downloaded Zoom, 60,000 in the U.S. alone. Zoom has made their technology available to teachers everywhere for free.

Microsoft said the number of people using its software for online collaboration had climbed nearly 40 percent in a week, indicating that technology is a crucial need during this crisis. Technology services are adapting to increased demand for video conferencing, communication platforms, and other forms of digital collaboration.

3) New US Economic Relief Package

The largest economic relief package in history was signed into law by President Trump on Friday, March 27th.  The mammoth legislation intends to provide over 2 trillion dollars in aid to the US economy for businesses and direct payments to Americans. Find out what you qualify for based on your income here.

Though it’s not entirely clear how this legislation will impact the economy, it could slow the volatility we’ve been seeing in the market, and bring relief to millions of people and businesses throughout the US.

Likewise, the city of Denver will create a $4 million relief fund that will offer cash grants of up to $7,500, Hancock told press during an address on March 19th. Denver will also establish a micro-loan program with financial institutions to further support small businesses along with other resources.

4) Resources Jump Into Action

As nearly 30 million children in the US rely on meals from school, staff and volunteers from around the country have been working overtime to provide meals for as many as they can.  Even bus drivers are taking meals on their routes to bring food to in-need populations.

Want to help out? Here’s a list of food and other organizations that need immediate resources to help the populations they serve.

5) Big Business Stepping Up

Many companies are trying to do the right thing during this time.  Some plan to provide additional relief on payment deadlines or offer additional services.  These good intentions are important. We hope more companies set an example of compassion and adaptability for employees and customers alike.

Communities across Colorado and the world are inspiring us to invest in our relationships and keep going right now. From hospital staff, to dedicated volunteers helping others, to people buying groceries for their elderly neighbors, to the explosion of group virtual calling, hope is far from lost.  People are out there helping and we are learning more every day.

As a team, we will continue to find ways we can help as well. We want to know how you’re connecting and staying positive during this time.  Reach out and let us know where have you seen incredible acts of community action in response to the Coronavirus.

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