6 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in Colorado

Posted on October 24, 2016 by BWBacon. Tagged: Optiv, SecureSet, Swimlane, Protectwise, cyber security, Red Canary

cyber security startups in colorado

Why Cyber Security in Colorado?

The protection of our information systems from intrusion, theft, and disruption is vital to our daily life and essential for any organization. This is most certainly true regarding our private information and is even shaping the current conversation around our national security. With Governor John Hickenlooper’s mission to make the state a renowned center for the cybersecurity industry, companies that specialize in protecting data are increasingly taking notice of Colorado. The recent passing of a bill to fund the Center for Cyber Security Excellence in Colorado Springs is just a first significant step forward towards the Governor’s goal as well. Experts estimate that 550 positions or more could result from this recent activity alone.

Here are the 6 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in Colorado that are in a position to benefit from these industry trends:


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Absio’s focus is on protected and safe transmissions of emails and corresponding attachments. Absio's rules-based, patented technology automates constant oversight of the flow of email data, whether it is stored, in motion, or currently in use. Absio Dispatch, a flagship product for the company, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. This app securely encodes emails and attachments in a way that is effective without interfering with the user experience.


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The largest pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America, Optiv offers enterprise security consulting to protect businesses, academic institutions, and governments. Optiv’s expert teams build and manage impressive security programs by executing the right combination of products, services, and solutions for each specific customer. They also enjoy premium partnerships with over 300 security product manufacturers, which excellently situates the company to create real, meaningful impact for clients who need support maneuvering the ever-changing information security landscape.


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With an impressive series of recent Venture Capital fundraising rounds, ProtectWise is certainly a Colorado Company to watch. Founder Scott Chasin is a serial entrepreneur with past successful exits to companies such as Symantec and McAfee. ProtectWise archives and logs all activity on the network with their product, the Cloud Network DVR. This helps management detect risks and exposure, as well as visualize these issues in order to better understand and resolve them.

Red Canary

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Headquartered in Denver, Red Canary continues on its growth path with recent, successful venture capital raises. Based on a positive trajectory of both this firm and the industry as a whole, Red Canary is on pace to expand its available positions by over 50%. The company leverages machine learning fueled by past human behavior to efficiently and effectively respond to possible threats.


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SecureSet is taking advantage of the explosive growth of the cybersecurity industry in Colorado and beyond. With an Academy and an Accelerator already in place, the company is positioning itself to leverage this ongoing opportunity. The Academy is a specialized boot camp with a proven track record for success and placement. So far, close to 90% of all graduates obtain a cybersecurity-related position within a few short months. Starting salaries for these roles typically reach as much as $85,000 per year, if not more. The Accelerator is an invaluable resource for the startup’s attempting to break into the Cybersecurity Industry. Reputable, proven mentors are critical in helping startups navigate bringing products from their nascence as great ideas to market. The network of Venture Capital and connected Investors with market savvy in this particular space is also a benefit of SecureSet Accelerator. They even facilitate customer introductions.


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Swimlane’s surveillance and safeguarding application system focuses on reporting, proper coordination of alerts, and systemic solutions. Swimlane provides superior response and detection capabilities, automatically adheres to predefined security rules and procedures, and shields organizations from additional threats and intrusions. The company is currently hiring and expanding its operations in Colorado.

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