8 Local Sources for Denver Tech Jobs and Company Information

Posted on May 8, 2019 by BWBacon. Tagged: For Candidates, Colorado Culture

Finding the best career opportunity in Denver, Boulder, or anywhere in the Colorado Front Range can be tricky. For many companies in Colorado, the approach to team building is primarily community-centric, so being new here, recently unemployed, or looking to move here can feel like you are on the outside looking in.

Your chances of finding Boulder, CoSprings, or Denver tech jobs that you actually want to apply to will be greatly increased by looking at all the best and most local-friendly job/community sources. Some of the bigger job listing websites can be a hassle to create listings or cost-prohibitive for smaller Colorado startups, so we put together a list of some awesome “locals-only” job wells for you to drink from when the time comes to level up in your career. The majority of the companies we work with use a combination of 3 or more of these sources to share job opportunities, so we know they are good!

Here is a list of great sources for finding the careers and community that are more locally-driven:

1) BWBacon Jobs

Shameless plug for open jobs at our client companies, but hey, local is where it's at!... With white-glove service! We love Denver and are here to stay as a trusted recruiting partner for the best companies in town. We love finding alignment between candidates and companies, so please reach out and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

2) BuiltinColorado

BuiltinColorado is one of the best-aggregated sources of jobs, company information, salary listings, news, and event information for the front range tech corridor of Colorado. You can get lost for hours learning about companies and looking for the dream job. Join up and dive in, you'll be an expert in no time.

BuiltinColorado Denver Tech Jobs


3) Boulder Denver New Tech

NewTechColorado hosts a few local Denver/Boulder events where a few startups pitch their idea to the community and feedback is solicited. It's a great format that engages the audience and company in a mutual passion for tech. The conversation continues beyond the event though, their message boards are ripe with great conversation and opportunity. Many of the active members of the community are veterans of Colorado tech, these folks are the real deal!

4) Denver Devs Slack Channel

DenverDevs highly engaged group of technologists with many benefits including the sharing of career opportunities but also to make friends and solve engineering challenges together. If you are a software engineer or tech-passionate who wants to be a part of the Denver tech community, look no further, you have arrived.

5) TechFriends Slack Channel

TechFriends is a tight-knit Colorado-based and born community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about technology. There are specific channels dedicated to community events, jobs, job-seekers, a general channel full of funny gifs, and more. Definitely worth joining and saying hello.

6) Angel.co Denver

AngelList Denver definitely caters to the needs of companies who are looking to raise money for their startup. If high-growth is your goal, take a look at the jobs listed on their Denver site. You can also cross-reference the company easily to see how much money they have raised to date and what the leadership team looks like before you spend any time applying.

7) Hired.com

It's pretty simple, all you have to do is build your profile and then prepare for interviews. We find that many of the best companies in Denver love the Hired.com format and the process is incredibly easy as a candidate. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

8) Make LinkedIn Work For You

You can flip the switch and gauge the interest local companies have for you. Turn on the toggle for "Let recruiters know you are open" in your career interests section and make sure the locations are set correctly.

8 Local Sources for Denver Tech Jobs and Company - LinkedIn 1 Information

8 Local Sources for Denver Tech Jobs and Company Information - LinkedIn 2 V2

Most if not all of the best tech companies to work for have internal recruiters and recruiting agency partners that are constantly looking for more team members. Making sure you have this LinkedIn functionality on is a great litmus test to see who thinks you are a great fit from the other side.

Here at BWBacon Group, we know and live what you are experiencing as an employer or job seeker in Denver, Boulder, Dallas, San Francisco, New York City or any of the other cities we work in. We believe great recruiting starts and ends with understanding people.

If you have any questions about living, working or playing any of the areas we serve, please contact us. We are happy to help. Seize the day, every day, that’s what we say!