A Virtual Undertaking—Denver Startup Week 2020 Isn’t Slowing Down

Posted on June 25, 2020 by BWBacon. Tagged: Resources for Candidates, For Candidates, Resources for Entrepreneurs, Colorado Culture, For Clients

What we know as Denver Startup Week today launched as a simpler idea in back 2012 with the Denver Startup Bash. The goal was to get as many people from startups together as possible to celebrate local entrepreneurs and make connections.

Tami Door, CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership, noticed a contrast between the neighborly vibes of Boulder’s startup network of CEOs, investors, and entrepreneurs, versus the disconnected community in Denver. Partnering with Josh Churlik and others, the founders of Denver Startup Week wanted to create an event to jump start those community connections in the big city.

Since its inception, the growth of Denver Startup Week has had undeniable influence on the Denver startup and tech ecosystems. In the first year, 70 events were held and over 3,500 community members attended those events. In 2018, the conference attracted over 16,000 people to 417 events over the course of a week. Entrepreneurs and influencers from diverse backgrounds share their expertise and experiences through panels, and these conversations have become the core of the event.

Growth And Resilience

In response to how entrepreneurs can deal with failure, Denver Startup Week founder Josh Churlik said in a 2019 interview with CU Denver, “Bouncing back from failure and keeping moving is essential, but so hard.” His words ring true now more than ever, as business across Colorado are working overtime to bounce back, adapt, and move forward in a changing world.

That’s exactly why Denver Startup week decided to not cancel their events this fall, but shift to a digital platform that will be accessible to everyone. The importance of networking and learning opportunities within the Denver tech community has not diminished, it merely requires some tweaking and additional coordination. But the show must go on!

Going Virtual For The Fall of 2020

We spoke with Denver Startup Week Board Member Conor Swanson to better understand the process behind shifting the week's events to a virtual platform. He explained,

"Given all the uncertainty around the future state of public events with COVID-19, as well as the general safety and health of the community, we decided it was in the best interest of all parties involved to plan for our first ever virtual Denver Startup Week. We're excited about the opportunity to explore new formats and provide an experience that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. We're working on adjusting the way things work this year so that we can provide the best experience possible in a virtual environment, and this will include different length of sessions, types of presentation formats, etc. We're looking forward to working with the community to build something great."

Get Involved With Denver Startup Week 2020!

Interested in participating in this year’s events? There are lots of avenues to get involved. Is social media your forte? Help with event promotion. Your company can be a sponsor, present a panel, help volunteer, and make great connections all through the Denver Startup Week Get Involved webpage.

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