Agile Methodology & How We Use It

Posted on April 11, 2013 by BWBacon. Tagged: Battery 621

Those of you who work with technology regularly are most likely familiar with the Agile methodology of project management. If you aren't, here's a quick rundown: basically, Agile takes a project and breaks it down into smaller iterations that the users can then track through different stages of completion. It's particularly useful with IT projects since there are many different components to working on programs, and breaking it down has proven to be incredibly successful.

Being that we are an agency that provides IT resources to IT teams, it would make sense if we at least understood the way these teams operate, right? Definitely! That's why Dave went ahead and became Agile certified and began implementing the project management system here in our offices back in 2011. Our iterations are the new job opportunities we receive, and they transition as we find possible candidates, get them interviewed and placed in a position. Every day we gather up to our sticky note wall to get on the same page about who's talking to who, the most recent info, and get our day going on the right foot.

A few weeks ago, Eric from Confluence Denver hung out at Battery 621 and wrote up a pretty sweet article about our great office space, and also took some time to sit down with Dave and learn more about BWBacon Group! Read his article here