BWB Stories Of Recruiting— Honesty Is The Best Policy

Posted on June 25, 2020 by BWBacon. Tagged: Resources for Candidates, For Candidates

When it comes to recruiting, a candidate receiving an offer is hardly ever the last step in the process of bringing a new hire full circle. It marks the beginning of the hold-your-breath-and-wait phase of recruiting during which we do everything we can to make sure both parties are as prepared and excited about the upcoming arrangement as we are. This stage of hiring the right candidate often includes salary negotiations, explanation of benefits and company culture, onboarding documents, and a background check.

A Blemish In The Background

For some, background checks can be a nerve-racking subject. Whether it’s a poor driving record, failed drug test, or a mistake that’s years behind you, it can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to confront the past. Many years ago, we came across a highly unusual circumstance having to do with a running background check.

A BWB recruiter guided a candidate through the interview process until he received an offer from the company. He became immediately concerned and expressed that he was fearful something in his background could cost him the job. He said the incident happened long ago, but that it would still most likely come up on a background check.

A Night Out Gone Wrong

When the candidate was in college, he was out for a night drinking with his friends. After spending a few hours at the bar, they decided to jump on community bikes and go for a joy ride. As one can imagine, the bike-alcohol combination is not always the best, as he ended up crashing and getting a large head laceration.

Still intoxicated and disoriented from the blow to the head, his friends got him to the Emergency Room. Confused and potentially concussed, an unfortunate incident occurred with the staff that was trying to help him. Yikes!! Extremely embarrassed and remorseful, he plead guilty to a lesser charge and formally apologized. After it was said and done, he submitted to waiting for the charge to fall off of his record.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Admitting all of this to our recruiter, he knew it was his obligation to be truthful even if he knew that the charge was mere months away from being dropped. We recommended he be honest with the company, tell the story including everything he did to rectify his mistakes. BWB was able to contact the HR and legal team, review all the data and documents from the entire case, and they decided to make an exception for him based on his sincerity and humility.

He ended up starting the job and was there for several years. The company appreciated his openness, and it ended up saving his new opportunity. Our moral of this BWB Stories of Recruiting is that facing the truth can be hard, but necessary. If the candidate hadn’t been forthright, the company could have rejected him entirely once the background check was complete. After all, they say a clear conscience is more valuable than wealth.

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