The Colorado Sports Culture & Options Are Glorious, Here's Why

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Sports, to me, is a lot like music. The language of sports is a common language, a fan is a fan, no matter our race or background, and like music, sport unites us across our borders. Even with our hated rivalries, we love to hate them. But honestly many times we appreciate their strengths (even while we relish their downfall). Sports are just games and we love to play in Colorado...

Many people call Denver a Bronco's town, and it is thanks to the repeated Super Bowl wins. Without a title from the Nuggets and Rockies, they fall well behind in national recognition and for good reason. The Avalanche have had their day, although the NHL has a more niche audience. One thing is that we have never really had ALL 4 of the big teams having winning records at the same time from what I can tell. But, Denver is only one of three cities that has the four major sports stadiums in the principle city limits. This includes NFL, NHL, MLS, and MLB. The other cities are Chicago, Detroit, and Philidelphia.

But Besides The Big Four Team Sports, What Else Is Colorado Great For?

The short answer, everything!

We've got great teams for soccer, rugby, lacrosse. On the "Futbol" (soccer) side of things, we've got the Colorado Rapids competing in the MLS in the Western Conference. They won the MLS cup in 2010 on their second appearance. For rugby, we have the Glendale Raptors who actually established professional rugby in the US in 2018. This year, Major League Rugby - MLR, will be expanding to 9 teams. Colorado is once again paving the way for change. Finally on the lacrosse front, we have the Denver Outlaws who are true rockstars in Major League Lacrosse - MLL. Since they joined the MLL in 2006 they have been in the championship game six times and have emerged victorious with three titles - 2014, 2016, and 2018. Not BAD!

The access to the Rocky Mountains right in our back yard and having the highest average elevation of any US state also makes Denver a training and extreme sports epicenter. The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center is home to 500+ American athletes and chosen because of the high altitude training advantage. The same applies to Boulder being commonly mentioned as one of the best places for triathletes to live and train. There is a hometown IronMan 70.3 and the vast number of mountain ascending canyon roads up to 9000+ feet as well as a base elevation of over a mile high make you a better endurance athlete no matter what.

We also have one of the greatest extreme sports training facilities with Woodward Copper (located at the Copper Mountain ski area). The 19,000+ square foot indoor plus outdoor training facility helps people of all ages perfect their BMX, ski, snowboard, scooter, and skateboard skills deep in the Rockies. The indoor facility in Woodward's words is described as:

The Barn -- Featuring multiple skate/scooter/BMX zones, six different levels of foam pit jumps, indoor ParkSki™ and Burton ParkBoard™ training, spring floor, tumble track, five Olympic-grade flybed trampolines, and one 12'x12' Super Trampoline, The Barn has everything you need to practice your moves and have tons of fun in every session. When the winter snow gets deep at Copper, come inside and enjoy an indoor session under the lights in the fully heated Woodward Copper Barn.

We're Also The Home To Some Of The Greatest Female Winter Olympians Of All Time

Vail, CO is the hometown to Lindsey Vonn...

...The first American woman to win Gold at the 2010 Olympics in the downhill skiing event. She is a true rockstar outside of the Olympics as well, winning all five disciplines of World Cup skiing including downhill, Super-G, giant slalom, and super combined. She also holds the record for second-most World Cup wins, boasting 82 total.

Vail is also the hometown of young-star Mikaela Shiffrin (24)...

...Who has claimed two gold medals in alpine skiing making her just one of three Americans to claim that title in the discipline. She also happens to be the youngest slalom champion in Olympic alpine skiing history, at 18 years and 345 days.

Go, Vail!!

On top of those two rockstars, Colorado happened to send the most Olympic athletes overall to the 2018 winter games, including some other incredible female athletes from The Centennial State:


Lots of fun stats up there and cool stories, right? But what's the point? Basically, there is definitely something in the air here in Colorado... Well, maybe it's the lack of air up here in the clouds... But we are cranking out some amazing athletes and you can feel it when you're here. People are passionate about whatever activity they love doing whether that be rock climbing, football, curling, whatever! We love to play in Colorado and I love how it is a core element of our culture here. Come join us on a hike any time if you like or let us know if we can help you find out more about your favorite sport in Colorado.

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