Dave and Leah at Blacktie Colorado

Posted on October 17, 2011 by BWBacon. Tagged: Dave Bacon, Staffing & Recruiting

Last Tuesday Dave and Leah attended one of Blacktie Colorado's Biennial Event honoring all of Blacktie's past "Have You Met...?" local philanthropists, including Dave himself (click here to read his article)! The keynote speaker this year was Beth Klein, a lawyer and major philanthropist native to Colorado. Beth Klein and her husband have founded "Children's Angels," an organization to protect abused children who are involved in the court system. More recently she has been working with Transitions Global to rescue trafficked children and bring them to safe havens.

Dave and Leah both had a great time at the event, even if it was very sad to hear some of the stories Klein told about her experiences working with the organizations she supports:

Blacktie Colorado, Beth Klein, Dave Bacon, Leah Backes

From left to right: David Bacon, honoree Beth Klein, Kenton Kuhn, Nancy Hopper, and Leah Backes