Developers & Designers? Sure, Why Not!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by BWBacon. Tagged:

This week has been off to a solid start with some great developer and web designer opportunities here in Denver! Check out some of the descriptions below or head over to our Job Listings for more detail about these and many of our other available positions.

1.  Sr. C# Web Developer. You have some seriously expert experience with VS 2012, C#, jQuery, MVC4, EF, and Azure. Getting involved with a startup from the very ground floor and aggressively working to meet deadlines is something that doesn't scare you - in fact, it is just the kind of opportunity you dream of. You've seen all of the aspects of the software development lifecycle and are passionate about constantly learning and evolving with the technology you use.

2. Software Engineer. You love playing a big role on small teams. Starting a product's core infrastructure from square one through contributions of scalable code, constant team and company-wide collaboration, and general software development support all sound like fulfilling and exciting work. You've developed web-based applications that are used by real people right now, and have used Perl, Python, or Ruby on Rails.

3. Software Engineer Lead. You have solid software development skills up and down the stack - from client JS to system encrypting, have worked in a lot of different environments (startups to corporate environments, heck maybe you even tried to start your own company). You enjoy writing scalable software code and are comfortable working with beta product clients to understand business needs. You've worked with framework such as Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Dojo, backbone.js and want to see projects through from initial design through implementation.

4. Web Designer. You have a passion for design and a great portfolio to back it up. Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5, and CSS3 are almost like second nature to you, and your knack for building a solid user experience in mobile and web platforms is a testament to your knowledge.

If any of these 4 positions describe you - get in touch with us! We are available by phone (above) email, or through our talent portal on the Job Listings page.

To any of our Colorado Springs readers: we hope you are safe and haven't been directly impacted by the Black Forest fires! We are all doing rain dances and sending mega positive thoughts in your direction.