How BWBacon Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

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How Do We Help YOU?

Candidates often have many questions when they come to us.  Some of these questions come from a position of uncertainty, of from doubt, or from past experience – good or bad.  But all of the questions are genuine – they stem from a candidate’s natural and genuine concern for their own welfare… their future.

Some have never worked with a recruiter. Others want to know what sets us apart from other recruiters.

Here are some of the ways that we help you as a job hunter:


The first question most candidates with no experience working with a recruiter is how they will pay BWBacon for our services, what are the costs to help them find a job.

The truth is, candidates do not pay us a dime.  We are paid on a contingency fee basis by our clients where we are only paid if we place a candidate. This means there is no financial cost on your part for letting us help you find an awesome job!

Job Hunting

If a BWBacon recruiter reaches out to you, it means they believe that, based on your resume, your skills match a certain skillset we support, or that you have a sought after background our clients often seek.  Hopefully – and while it’s not always the case, it means we have a job opening we’re working to fill as well.

If you found us and applied on our website, or if you were referred to us, a BWBacon recruiter will reach out to learn more about your interests and skills.  We want to know what’s important to you. Then we’ll determine if you are a fit for any positions we have open. If not, we will add you to our database with detailed notes for future roles, and we’re always happy to point you in the direction of our partners, to worthy competitors, or to other resources that might help.

Once we get to know you as a candidate, we can become your biggest advocate. In many ways, we are an extension of your personal brand in the same way that we are an extension of our client’s brand. When we introduce you to a company, it is because we believe you are a good fit for the position.


When you make it to the interview stage with one or more of our clients, we provide a lot of assistance.

First and foremost, we schedule the interviews for you, which can save you a lot of hassle.

Additionally, we have a wealth of knowledge on the company that we will share with you. We get to know our clients at an intimate level, and so we have developed an understanding more robust than you could get from reading through a website, news or Glassdoor.

We can tell you about their background, the direction they are looking to go in, their current stage of development, the direction of any upcoming developments, and specifics on the project that you will be interviewing for.  It’s important to us that you feel prepared and ready, and that things unfold naturally from there.


When you receive an offer from one of our clients, we will help to negotiate salary/benefits for you for full time roles. This work is still at no cost to you, similar to how you do not pay a real estate agent if you are buying a house.

We also navigate tricky elements of offer acceptance and help to advocate certain conditions like start date, vacation time, and any special requirements you may have.   We have our clients to think about in this too – but it’s our job to execute in placing great people with great companies, and that requires a sensitivity to the needs of both parties, which we employ at all times.

We’re always available to answer questions about living or transitioning to Colorado and/or our process. Even if you haven’t signed on with us, we would be happy to discuss your dream job and how we can help you get there. Give us a call at 303-800-8897 to speak with someone today.