How To Ask For A Raise

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In traditional companies, raises might be given every year. This may not the case in your profession or at your particular company, however. Asking for a raise can be daunting but with the right preparations, you can increase your chances of success.

Make Your Case

The first step to asking for a raise is to prepare to explain why you deserve one. Make a list of all the things you now bring to the company that you didn’t last time your salary changed. These shouldn’t simply be successes if those successes were part of your job description – instead, make sure you’re bringing something new and valuable to the company that’s reasonably worth an increase in pay.

Time It Right

Don’t bring up your desire for a raise right after a stressful meeting or when your boss is focused on other tasks. Ask for time to meet with them when they can be attentive to your pitch and try to catch them on a good day. If you’re planning on asking but something goes awry where you may not look like a strong candidate for a raise, be flexible and willing to put the conversation off a few weeks until you’ve rescued your reputation.

Think It Through

While your company may not automatically give out raises, it’s helpful to put yourself in their shoes before you ask for one. If you were your boss, would you give yourself a raise? Why or why not? Being able to anticipate your boss’ reaction will help you plan your response.

Explain Your Reasoning

Again, you should only be asking for a raise because you legitimately bring more to the company than you did the last time your salary was negotiated. Don’t ask for a raise because you’re having a baby and need the extra funds or because you found out a coworker makes more than you. Those aren’t legitimate reasons for a raise, even if they’re true.
If you feel that you’re worth more than you’re making but your company doesn’t agree, it may be time to move into a new position. Check out our current job listings or contact a recruiter to get help finding your dream job!

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