Keeping Up With Mental Health During Stressful Times

Posted on March 20, 2020 by BWBacon. Tagged: Resources for Candidates, For Candidates, Resources for Entrepreneurs, For Clients

We’re pretty sure we can guess what’s on your mind and everyone’s mind at this point, the COVID-19 virus. Mere weeks after reports of spreading virus, the global pandemic Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has now spread to more than 100 countries as travel nearly comes to a halt and governments race to respond.

In the State of Colorado, Governor Jared Polis has declared a state of emergency, called for the cancellation of all large events and long-term school closures across the state, and closed all ski resorts. Most recently, all Denver Rec Centers, DMVs, retail stores, and table service for all restaurants and bars have been closed.

What We Can Do

We all have a roommate in our head, and it’s our mind.  In these times, our little mental roommate is badgering us with doubt, fear and ‘what if’ scenarios that can drive us crazy!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant change surrounding this virus.  However, there are steps we can take to slow the damage of COVID19, and keep ourselves from going stir-crazy in the meantime.  As businesses close their doors all over the country, self-quarantine and working from home are now strongly recommended if not mandated for community health.

Ideas For Boosting Your Mental Health

Through all of this, we will continue to relentlessly look on the bright side. These times of isolation are actually an incredible social act, a collaborative effort to minimize this pandemic we face. As we practice social distancing ourselves, we want to encourage our community to check in with mental health as well as physical health, and practice self-care during this time.

Get Outside

Fresh, crisp air and Vitamin D can be a welcome gift after sitting inside all day. You don’t have to run a 5K to help boost your mood and mental health. Take a long walk, try online yoga, hop on a bike trail, all forms of exercise with no contact with others.

Avoid The Stay At Home Slump

Bring purpose and a normal day’s schedule into your at-home routine. Working endless hours isn’t fun, so take breaks to stretch, walk around, and plan time frames of reset to keep yourself fresh and productive.

Stay Connected

While we’re using Zoom and Slack to stay in touch with our teams, reaching out to a family member, an old friend, or business connection just to see how they’re doing can bring camaraderie and care into an isolating circumstance. We’re all in this together, it can be reassuring to check in with those you care about near and far.

Keep Learning

Resources from all over the world are opening their online doors to students and people facing this crisis.  Everything from E-learning, serious shout out to all the teachers making it happen out there, to YouTube Learning and free virtual museum tours have become available for the public.  Keep your mind and spirit engaged with these learning opportunities.

Quality Time With Family

What feels like a chaotic situation of WFH and no school can be turned on its head into an opportunity. We get to spend that extra time with our families we often crave during the typical hustle and bustle of life. Now is a good time to reconnect, play games, cook together, watch movies, and foster quality time.

Time To Unplug

Know when it’s time to disconnect from work, the news, and the frenzy of social media. Plan a time of day to close down your connections to the digital world, take a breath, read a book, and remember the resilience of humanity.

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