A deal for every day of the week

Posted on February 20, 2012 by BWBacon. Tagged: BWB Recruiting, Staffing, Tech Hiring, News, Technology, Jobs, Software Development + Engineering, Role Alignment, IT, Web + Mobile

We are super-charged for this week after ending last week with seven closed deals!

Some of the last three that came in on Friday were....

01. Another javascript/jQuery position with a client that is quickly becoming one of our greatest advocates as their company grows exponentially.

02. A back-end java position with for a client northwest of Denver. This company is funded by one of the most valuable start-ups according to Business Insider and has one of the most impressive technology stacks we've seen.

03. A UI/UX position closed with an neat local company located downtown that works with clients around the nation.

It certainly helps that we have a very hardworking team, extraordinary candidates, and compelling positions with our clients. Thanks so much!

Lucky number seven! But we'd be happy with eight...or nine...or 100....