Reasons You Should Not Move to Denver

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Reasons you should NOT move to Denver

We are the #1 most popular city in the country  – don’t be a follower and move to Denver. There are lots of reasons not to move to Denver; just look below.

Infrographic: Reasons You Should NOT Move to Denver

  1. 300 days of sunshine requires constant squinting or investment in sunglasses AND sunscreen.
  2. We are only the second best football team in the country. (Probably best for you to move to Seattle?)
  3. Being one of the happiest cities in the country gets truly annoying.
  4. Lazy folks get easily irritated living in one of the most active cities in the U.S.
  5. You will need to adjust your baking recipes due to the altitude.
  6. It is a non-stop battle of:  ski or snowboard? Hike or mountain bike? Camp or luxury hotel? Art scene or music scene? Work at an amazing start-up or an established big brand?
  7. Will need to add body lotion as a line item in your monthly budget due to very dry air. (Think of what else you could be spending that $$ on??!)
  8. We only have two buffalo herds. (Think of how many Wyoming has??)
  9. Constantly feel like an underachiever due to an inability to hike all our trails, ski all our runs, visit all our towns and eat all our Mexican food.
  10. A fox might try to have your kitten for dinner.
  11. No pitbulls allowed.
  12. I-70, I-70, I-70 and I-70 (Oh, and I-25 too.)
  13. Wait to eat at Sushi Den can be up to 3 hours.
  14. Too many available jobs to sort through – becomes a huge hassle.
  15. We elected a governor that made beer.
  16. We are the #1 most popular city in the country to move to – DON’T BE A FOLLOWER.
  17. Walking and biking everywhere will make your car feel neglected and unloved – which is pretty rude.
  18. So many different neighborhoods to choose from – you will certainly go mad in selecting one. (Might kill your real estate agent in the process. Could get ugly. Best stay where you are.)
  19. Mountains are too close and block the view.
  20. Once a week in the summer 1000s of bike riders take to the street (in costumes!!) and muck traffic all up.
  21. You realize the Gold Rush is over, right?
  22. We make more beer than any city in the nation and have thinner air to get you drunker – faster. Think of what that could cause!
  23. An average of 300 inches of snow in the mountains every year? That is a LOT of shoveling.
  24. Remember all of our many rivers are really just melted snow. Brrrrrrrr.
  25. Too many national, state and city parks. You will probably never want to leave, which will make out-of-state friends and family seriously PO’d at you.
  26. Number haters nightmare: 53 mountains over 14,000 feet, 7 sports teams, 205 city parks, 850 miles of bike trails, 2nd biggest theatre district in the U.S., a start-up opens their doors here every 72 hours, #1 outdoor amphitheatre in the country, way too many distilleries to count and the X Games.
  27. Skiing one day, golfing the next? Priceless BUT also pricey.
  28. It is the top city for singles and those over 60, but if you don’t fall in one of those categories, is this really your place? Think about it.
  29. The whole place is stoned. (Legally)

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