Battery621 Business Owners speak for RMMFI panel

Posted on March 29, 2012 by BWBacon. Tagged: BWB Recruiting, Staffing, Technical, Battery 621, Jobs

RMMFI logoThe Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) was wrapping up their latest Business Launch Boot Camp with a panel of local business owners talking about their ongoing journey as start-ups, including our very own Dave Bacon! The RMMFI is an extraordinary non-profit organization that provides support to entrepreneurs to build and maintain their businesses.

While enjoying the fine microbrew of Great Divide Brewing Co., we all enjoyed the listening to the inspiring, entertaining, and sincere stories of some of our Battery621 business owners. Included on the panel was:

  • Co-hosted by Stacey Saggese, RMMFI Development Director & Lindsey Strickler, Program Outreach Specialist
  • Panel discussion lead by Lindsey Strickler

It was a truly tremendous discussion from all the panelists. Ben told us about his determination to start a ski company at 14, getting tours of his K2 for inspiration, and his No-Plan-B method to following your passion. Chuck, in answering a question about working together with other companies, did an excellent job explaining a collaboration between six Battery 621 companies for one project*. Gabe entertained us with his stories (and jokes) about obstacles his company had to overcome (can you say, an entire order of jackets sewn inside-out?). Ellen told her heart-stopping story about Wink, Inc.'s break-out moment in a conference room when she said "Yes, we can" and changed the course of her company. Frank gave many genuine insights about how the passion and values he holds manifests itself in the way his company works with others and how he fosters the talent of his team. Dave spoke honestly the different approach he brings to his business because he believes bringing the best out of others brings the best out of him, and that's exactly what BWBacon does.

Sometimes it's possible to just sit passively at events like this, but not with such enthusiastic business owners as we had last night. These were a group of people all doing what they love and it showed in the way they spoke about it. Despite all the hard days (weeks, years...), the unexpected mishaps, and frustrations they experience starting a business, it is worth it. It was a such a treat to hear the candid discussion from these business owners and I highly recommend you catch the next one, whenever that may be.

R to L: Lindsey (RMMFI), Ben (Icelantic), Gabe (Jiberish), Dave (BWBacon), Chuck (Something Independent), Frank (The Public Works), and Ellen (Wink, Inc.)

*BWBacon Group, CompanyBe, Something Independent, Wink, Inc., The Public Works,  and Icelandic Skis worked together on various projects for Icelandic's Winter on the Rocks Show at Red Rocks.