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It’s no secret that company culture can make or break an otherwise incredible professional opportunity. Although corporate values and team leadership are obviously crucial, culture is often personified in large part by physical space in which employees spend their 9-to-5. Experts agree that office design really does matter. As the world changes and companies scramble to keep up with an increasingly mobile, independent, and tech-savvy workforce, those at the edge are boldly going where no cubicle has gone before.  Here are 5 companies in Denver and Boulder who are leading the pack in terms of innovation, creativity, and all-around style.

The Trade Desk


Trade Desk

Source: Built In Colorado

At the cutting-edge of advertising technology, the Trade Desk is a highly successful demand-side platform that offers agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers the tools they need to best manage all forms of digital campaigns. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, the company has grown to include locations across the US, Europe, Asian, and Australia.

Their Colorado office is based in the heart of Boulder, right in the middle of Pear Street mall. This location provides easy access to an abundance of the state’s best breweries, restaurants, trails, climbing, shopping, and more. The Trade Desk’s Boulder office boasts bright colors and a wide assortment of opportunities for employees to have fun and relax, including an indoor rock wall, tons of snacks, and a very dog-friendly culture.

Stack Overflow
Stack OverFlow

Source: Officelovin’

Stack Overflow provides programmers an open and positive online community in which they can share knowledge, innovate together, and advance their careers. The company is dedicated to making the Internet a better place through supporting developers throughout their professional trajectory. The flagship site of what is now the Stack Exchange network, Stack Overflow welcomes 40 millions visitors monthly.

At Stack Overflow, leadership encourages employees to bond and enjoy the office amenities like ping pong tables that are widely available. Box Studios designed the 12,500 square feet that holds the Denver team and features a special emphasis on open, communal spaces. At the figurative and literal centers of the layout is a multi-functional lunchroom to facilitate an increased sense of strong community.



Source: Built In Colorado

Ibotta is the largest consumer technology firm based in Denver. The company makes it easy for consumers to earn cash back on everyday purchases through an easy-to-use and fun smartphone app. Ibotta partners with leading brands and retailers to offer rebates on an enormous variety of goods, like groceries, electronics, clothing, restaurant dining, and more. One of the most widely used shopping apps in the US, Ibotta has enjoyed over 18 million downloads since launching four years ago.

Ibotta’s new office is in Denver’s iconic 1801 California building, and the interior design stays true to their brand’s signature pink color scheme. The layout features plenty of cozy work nooks for when working diligently at your assigned desk begins to lose its appeal for the day, as well as a massive shared space for dining and other events like all-team meetings.



Source: Glassdoor

Gusto offers payroll, benefits, and HR to modern companies all over the US. The company firmly believes that humans are more than just capital or static resource – coming into the office should not mean leaving your humanity at the door. Their service reimagines complex and traditionally impersonal business tasks as something new so that creators and builders can focus on the tasks that really motivate them to achieve greatness.

Recently voted the #1 place to work in San Francisco, the Gusto office in Denver has also earned recognition for its uniquely positive and warm environment.  Located in an expanded stretch of 16th Street Mall, team members enjoy décor specifically designed for maximum comfort (including plenty of soft booths and bean bag chairs) and a famous no-shoes policy.



Source: Confluence Denver

Since 2011, Inspirato has offered its club members access to a collection of luxury hotel, home, and vacation accommodations at hundreds of exotic destinations around the globe. Inspirato’s member services provide expert planning and on-site concierge services, which means their guests can sit back and savor their trip without any of the typical vacation stress.

Inspirato’s office reflects their commitment to both quality and fun, designed explicitly for employees to maximize the work-life balance that best suits them. In addition to all-around stunning interior design, the office boasts an open floor plan, lots of art, and a super-sized snack wall. Thanks to the company’s partnerships, team members also enjoy access to incredible membership perks, including concert tickets, sports tickets, and, of course, amazing travel perks.

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