The Top Traits Recruiters Want to See

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The job hunt can be a difficult, frustrating process. Many candidates simply do not know how to best stand out to potential employers. These days, it takes more than a stellar resume to get a foot in the door. So, what do recruiters look for when evaluating prospective hires?

How Do Your Values Align?

A new hire should do more than simply check all the boxes in the job description. In recent years, hiring managers address this reality by referencing the importance of “cultural fit.” Beyond the scope of the job role’s required competencies, do your personal values and goals align properly with those of the company? It is crucial you be sincere and resist the urge to “put on airs” in order to impress. Just be yourself! Nobody wins when you join an organization that is antithetical to your personality.

As part of your pre-interview research, learn as much you can about the company’s culture and, if you like what you find out, formulate a list of examples that prove you would be a great fit. Regardless, be sure to live up to certain universal standards of behavior. These include arriving to interviews in a timely fashion, being polite, and following up to thank your interviewer for their time afterwards.

Are You a Leader?

Businesses are always looking towards the future. This means that the most desirable job candidates are the ones that are not only valuable in the here and now, but are well-equipped to grow and lead teams down the line. Recruiters look for a history of leadership experience, as well as evidence of innovation, vision, and a willingness to take ownership of your work. If your current job function does not provide sufficient opportunity to lead, you might consider taking leadership courses. You can also volunteer to lead charitable or civic projects within your community outside of work to illustrate your management potential.

Do You Know What You Want?

Recruiters look for job candidates who are confident, which requires a solid understanding of your own goals and how this role can help you achieve them. Do you know what you want, whether that is to develop a certain skillset, grow your knowledge in a certain area, or something else entirely? Do you know how the employer can help you achieve what you want? Remember, it is your responsibility to critically evaluate the company in the same way they are reviewing you. Conceptualize your interviews as mutually beneficial meetings, where both parties have the opportunity to learn more about each other. You should have a strong grasp of both what you have to offer the employer and what the company has to offer you in return.

Are You a Quick Study?

Stagnation does not belong in the workplace. In order to constantly grow and pivot, your employer needs hires who are eager to learn and adapt. There is no way to completely forecast the kinds of challenges with which you may be faced, so it is important to invest in improving your problem solving abilities overall. Be sure your resume and conversations both reflect a commitment to continuing education. This also uniquely positions you to thrive in an increasingly dynamic workforce, where hybrid jobs are quickly becoming the norm.

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