Supporting Women In Tech: Increasing Equality In The Workforce

Posted on November 11, 2019 by BWBacon. Tagged: Resources for Candidates, Colorado Culture, For Clients, DEIB

The notion that the tech industry is a “boys club” has increasingly become a thing of the past. From Silicon Valley to smaller Midwestern companies, more and more women are not only filling these roles but dominating in their field. The landscape of the ever-growing tech industry is changing and shows no sign of stopping, so how do we adapt and encourage this positive shift? By creating even more opportunities to support women in tech. 

By pushing this initiative, together, we can foster growth not only as companies but as an industry. We believe that a diverse, balanced team is a high-functioning team. Supporting women in tech boils down to more than just hiring them; it means ensuring they have an equal opportunity for jobs, leadership roles, and respect in the work environment. 

So what can you do to support women in tech? Let’s take a look at some of the companies to emulate. These organizations create and cultivate supportive environments for everyone in the industry. There is plenty to learn from these role models. 

Closing the Gender Gap — How Companies are Supporting Women in Tech 

Girls Who Code 

Founded by Reshma Saujani in 2012, Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that works to close the gender gap in the tech industry by building a network of female engineers and offering programs to help women in the industry. Aiming their focus on young women, they encourage those interested in the tech industry by guiding them on their career path through various programs and resources. Programs include a seven-week Summer Immersion Program, two-week specialized Campus Program, and after school clubs


OnDeck is the largest online small business lender in the U.S. and based in Colorado. They promote a diverse and inclusive environment through well-tailored recruiting strategies and processes. OnDeck doesn’t merely hire women; they regularly help them reach influential roles. 


Accenture is a global management consulting and professional services firm. Gender equality is at its forefront. They’ve even set a worthy goal of reaching a 50/50 male to female ratio within their workforce by the year 2025. To reach their goal, they promote leadership programs for female employee advancement within the company, as well as fostering a company culture that promotes diversity and inclusion

How to Implement These Lessons into Your Company

It takes attention and action. Closing the gender gap in technology means not only cultivating an environment that supports women in the industry but finding inventive ways to promote education and growth. It takes more than just talking about it. Whether it’s creating programs within your company or partnering with other organizations, there are several ways you can help create a positive shift towards diversity and inclusion. 

Ultimately, supporting women in tech is not only great for women; it’s good for business. By breaking down the gender barriers and working to close the gap, you’ll build an outstanding reputation.

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