Explore trends + Tech salary ranges for 2021

In Colorado and nationally, technical hiring landscapes are constantly evolving. Get market information that helps you understand 2021 salary bands, technical skillsets, plus our best tips on securing top technical talent. Backed by industry research and data from BWBacon Group and Access Ventures, the Colorado Tech Salary Guide 2021 builds a foundation for tech hiring.

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What's Inside:

Making an educated decision on what to offer for annual compensation is an often complex process involving a host of resources. Most of these resources and guides are not locally indicative of market rates, are absent of national trends and provide wide-ranging figures. We partnered with Access VP to get to the bottom of it – or, rather, the top, middle and bottom of it. Hiring or accepting an offer? Check out the guide and see if you’re in range.

2021 Market Insights

For tech professionals and talent leaders, look at market trends and how to handle anything that comes your way including how remote work has impacted compensation...

How To Attract Top Talent

What are technical professionals looking for? Understand the market fluctuations and value of the tech professionals you are seeking, and get tips on building a competitive offer...

A Deep Dive iNto Tech Skills

Take a closer look at tech experience tiers, skillsets, and development trends. Finding technical and cultural alignment with new hires can be challenging, this guide breaks it down in detail...