7 Leading Colorado AI Companies Changing The World

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It seems that everywhere we look today, we’re surrounded by the impact of artificial intelligence (AI). From voice and facial recognition on your smartphone to home assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa, the technology continues to develop at a rapid rate. With growth comes plenty of opportunity, especially with the Colorado AI companies that are working to develop influential tools and software. These organizations working on AI advancements will, no doubt, change the way we operate in our daily lives.

Industry experts predict that over the next five years, our world will be even more disrupted by the growth of AI. That means that more industries will embrace the available innovations, finding ways to improve efficiencies, collect data, and create a more personalized experience for their customers.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be working in tech. The ability to create meaningful experiences and tools with AI-backed technologies are virtually endless. And Colorado, particularly the Denver-area, is a hotbed for finding stellar career opportunities. In fact, according to Angel List, there are more than 4,300 startups in Colorado, with more than 5,000 investors and an average $4.4 million dollar valuation.

Scoring a position with a company — similar to the ones we’ve outlined below — opens the door to make some real change for good. One of the biggest benefits of AI is the ability to sort through massive amounts of data at an incredible pace, providing researchers the ability to pinpoint trends and important nuggets of information faster than ever before. A recent example of how AI helped solve an important issue is a recent ground-breaking discovery about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A partnership between Barrow Neurological Institute and the artificial intelligence company IBM Watson Health, which is an AI supercomputer, helped identify new genes linked to ALS thanks to Watson’s ability to organize thousands of data points.

Other industries impacted by AI right now include transportation, i.e. self-driving vehicles and car-sharing services, healthcare, public safety, and advertising.

If you’re seeking an opportunity in AI and want to be part of the incredible culture that comes with working in Colorado, check out the companies we’ve outlined below.

Colorado AI Companies That Are Making An Impact

SoundHound Inc.

Mission: Turning sound into understanding and actionable meaning.

Size: 300 employees

Funding Level: $215M

Overview: SoundHound Inc. is leveraging proprietary AI technology to improve the way we interact with our devices. A subsidiary of Houndify, the company uses its Speech-to-Meaning™ engine to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy along with its Deep Meaning Understanding™ technology, which allows users to ask multiple questions and filter results all at once.

Valyant AI

Mission: To speed up customer ordering, reduce overhead and increase profitability with conversational AI for existing retail and restaurant hardware.

Size: 10 employees

Funding Level: $3.2M

Overview: Valyant AI is building the first conversational customer service AI platform designed for the restaurant, retail, and service-based industries. They have been working in secret since early January of 2017, but has recently opened conversations with customers. The platform and hardware have been implemented in real life at a Good Times Burgers in Denver and has been taking orders since January of 2019. Results are looking good we decreased wait times and higher customer average order values. Big things to come for these guys for sure!

Cognizant Accelerator

Mission: To find and fuel groundbreaking ideas that solve the challenges their clients — and themselves — will face.

Size: 205K employees worldwide — Roughly 50 in Colorado at the accelerator

Funding Level: Publicly traded Fortune 250 company

Overview: Named a leader in the IDC Marketscape Artificial Intelligence Services 2019 Report, Cognizant Accelerator helps companies engage and interact more effectively with their customers, by leveraging insightful, personalized user interactions that drive loyalty, revenue, and growth.


Mission: Seeking to create and implement innovative technological solutions to persistent environmental problems in a sustainable way.

Size: 10 employees

Funding Level: $500K

Overview: CleanRobotics built an autonomous system — TrashBot — that makes recycling affordable for businesses and profitable for recycling plants. Using robotics, computer vision, and AI, the bot helps detect and separate landfill waste from recyclables while gathering useful data for recyclers, reducing waste hauling costs for businesses and replacing expensive waste receptacles.

Recondo Technology

Mission: Help healthcare providers achieve sustainable financial performance while delivering a better patient experience.

Size: 130 employees

Funding Level: $36M

Overview: Recondo’s SaaS platform leverages purpose-built AI via robotic process automation, machine learning and natural language processing, to help deliver industry-leading automated, accurate and actionable financial clarity to the revenue cycle. Since its foundation, they’ve installed their products in 170 provider organizations in over 4,500 unique sites.


Mission: To make it easy and fun to connect to any device, from any device.

Size: 16 employees

Funding Level: $11M

Overview: Josh.ai is the only voice-first home control solution in the luxury smart home market. They develop solutions for controlling the brands and devices found in the most luxurious homes in the world across multiple platforms, hardware, and software, from mobile to web. They strive to define the paradigm of human-computer interaction in the connected home and beyond, all inspired by the mission to make peoples’ lives simpler.


Mission: To make air travel smarter by solving one of the biggest challenges — flight delays and disruptions.

Size: 11 employees

Funding: $2.3M

Overview: Lumo is a predictive technology start-up that aims to fundamentally change how the world approaches flight delays. They built a powerful flight delay prediction product that helps their customers — from individual travelers to global airlines — proactively plan for delays hours, days, even months before a flight.

If you live and breathe AI and want to join the massive tech movement happening right here in Colorado, you should check out the open positions at these and other Colorado AI companies. Here, we have everything you could want including an amazing food scene, gorgeous landscapes and plenty of career opportunities.

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